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Eagles "Dressing Up" Their Look for Doug Pederson

Philly's former head coach is familiar with many on the roster could prompt some changes as the Eagles look to negate a possible advantage for the Jacksonville coach
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PHILADELPHIA – Nick Sirianni never met a stone he didn’t try to overturn.

The Eagles coach is always looking for an edge.

He watched 'Hard Knocks' when the Eagles played the Lions.

He watched all of Kevin O’Connell’s press conferences when they played the Vikings.

He asked around about Carson Wentz when they went to Washington.

He’s not alone in the NFL coaching fraternity in his quest to gain even the slightest nugget that could be helpful in winning a game, because, you know, as every coach and player says, “it’s hard to win in this league.”

Now Doug Pederson is coming on Sunday, bringing his first-place Jacksonville Jaguars to town, just dying to show Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and GM Howie Roseman just how wrong they were in firing him.

There are so many players still left on the roster even after his forced departure just two years ago.

On the field is where that familiarity could give him an edge, right?

Well, the Eagles are going to do their best to negate that perceived advantage.

“I think personnel-wise, obviously, he knows those players really well,” said Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen. “We're aware of that. I think offensively as coaches, schematically, each and every week we have to do a hell of a job putting our guys in a position to make plays and dressing up the looks.

“As you get going in the season, you do have some tendencies, you need to be able to break them. Going into Week 4, still early in the season, but we need to do a good job as coaches of dressing things up.”

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Sirianni knows Pederson will try to exploit that familiarity.

Heck, he would do the same thing, and maybe he will when the Eagles play his former head coach and the team he came from, the Indianapolis Colts, on Nov. 20 in Indy.

“I think we're always talking about constantly improving, constantly improving,” said Sirianni. “I think what we've seen here, I don't know the exact number of guys that are still on the roster from when Doug was here but (QB) Jalen (Hurts) to me is a completely different player than he was two years ago. That speaks volumes to Jalen.”

That is very true.

There’s no telling how much input Pederson gave Hurts when he took over as the starter after Carson Wentz was benched, but Pederson knows the rookie Hurts. There have been two years of development since then.

“Him knowing some insider information on our players, of course, that's an advantage, just like it's an advantage when we find that stuff out, too,” said Sirianni.

“It's not like we're using the same words that they used here or anything like that as far as their defense having some tells as far as that goes. Of course, Doug is going to know those guys, know intricacies about some of those guys. A lot of them are different players and improved players, just because they've gotten better each day.”

Bottom line: Pederson’s familiarity with his former players probably won’t help much in this game.


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