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It Was Always a Matter of When with Dallas Goedert and the Eagles

The Eagles locked up their star tight end for an additional four years on Friday

PHILADELPHIA - It was always a matter of when, not if, the Eagles would work out a contract extension with Dallas Goedert.

On Friday the Eagles handed the star tight end "the bag" in the form of four years and $59 million with $37.5M on that guaranteed.

That end game was assured when Zach Ertz was traded to Arizona on Oct. 15 and Howie Roseman made a blunt assessment when it came to the Goedert market.

“Getting (Goedert) in a role where it's not just sharing time and he's the guy, because, in terms of our bargaining power, there's going to be no discount on Dallas Goedert," the Eagles GM said more than a month ago. "So, we know that. We want to get as much information and give him as much opportunity to take over that, and see him in that role as much as possible, as opposed to guessing on it."

Evidently, the Eagles got what they were looking for and things ramped up quickly with Goedert's agent Chase Callahan.

"This week is when my agent started talking to me about it," Goedert said on Friday, shortly after signing his new deal. "He said he’s been going back and forth with Howie for a long time. 

"He just figured when it got close, he would talk to me. He didn’t want to bog me down with it, have me thinking about that, just focusing on football. That’s what I wanted."

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Regarded as one of the best two-way tight ends in the NFL, Goedert’s wallet now lines up with that assessment after securing the second-largest deal at the position behind San Francisco All-Pro Geoge Kittle and settling is as No. 3 in financial guarantees ($37.5M) behind Kittle and Baltimore’s Mark Andrews.

The average annual value of Goedert's new deal is $14.8 million, a slight tick behind Kittle’s AAV of $15 million.

So what does he buy now?

"My parents, growing up with them, they’re about as cheap as they come," he said. "My mom actually still drives a car I had in college, hit a deer with it, she has a fender looking crazy, but I’ll help them out as much as I can. 

"Just start from the bottom up, my family, and work my way. It’s cool to have all this money, but when you got it, it’s more about how can I help other people, for sure."

Dallas Goedert scores a TD against the Chiefs

Dallas Goedert scores a TD earlier this year against the Chiefs.

The Eagles had been trying to sign Goedert to an extension dating back to the summer and the number kept rising as the fourth-year pro seemed intent on betting on himself.

And it paid off.

"It was probably on my back more than I thought it was," he said. "I’m the luckiest dude in the world. I get to come out here and play football every day for my job. It’s what I love.

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"I get to hang out with the people in the locker room. It’s a blast. I tried not to think about it too much. I tried not to worry about it. I just knew if I kept doing what I’ve been doing on the field, this day would come eventually. Shoot, it was well worth the wait.

"It feels pretty incredible to be here right now, to be signed here for 4 more years. Obviously, I’m ecstatic. It’s surreal. It’s hard to believe. I’m really excited for the opportunity to lead the team in different ways and grow with these young guys.

Goedert has amassed 29 catches for 429 yards with two touchdowns this season, ranking second on the team in both categories behind only star rookie receiver DeVonta Smith.

When it comes to game-planning in the passing game, head coach Nick Sirianni start with No. 6 and then default to No. 88 (Goedert), who has graded out as the third-best TE in football by behind only Andrews and Kittle. To further flesh that out Goedert is No. 1 as a receiver and No. 18 as a blocker.

"(Goedert is) the type of guy you want to succeed and to sign contracts like this, and to keep in the building," Sirianni said. "He does a lot of things really well. I think that's what's special about Dallas.

"He's not (just) a receiving tight end, he's not (just) a blocking tight end. He can do both. There aren't a lot of guys like that, who are really exceptional at being able to create mismatches in the pass game and also get their job done in the run game."

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In the short term, Goedert is on track to play Sunday vs. New Orleans after suffering a concussion in the Eagles' 30-13 win over the Denver Broncos last week. He did not participate in a walkthrough on Wednesday but was back and working Thursday and Friday.

“I feel good," he said. "I thought I could have come (back) in after that hit. I passed my first concussion protocol. I went back to the locker room. The one back there was a little bit tougher. I wasn’t quite able to get through.

"I really had no symptoms. I feel good. Hopefully we can get through the protocol and be out there Sunday.”

In the long term, Goedert shapes up as a foundational player with the organization becoming the third member of the 2018 draft class to join a lucrative extension, joining left tackle Jordan Mailata and defensive end Josh Sweat.

Maddox, Goedert’s roommate and best friend on the team, could be next in line for an extension and is in the midst of a career year as the team’s slot cornerback.

Until then Avonte took to social media to tell Goedert he’s on the hook for dinner over the next 30 years or so.

“I feel like I’ve been playing for Avonte’s food for the last four years," Goedert joked, "so another 30 ain’t going to hurt it."

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