Rich Scangarello Will Not Return to Eagles

The senior offensive assistant is out after only one season on Doug Pederson's staff
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PHILADELPHIA - It's one and done for senior offensive assistant Rich Scangarello and the Eagles.

According to, the Eagles will allow Scangarello's contract to expire and not explore a reunion.

Scangarello was the most-ballyhooed addition on the offensive coaching staff after owner Jeffrey Lurie insisted on bringing someone from outside the organization to bring "new ideas" to Doug Pederson's offense.

Pederson wanted to move forward with Mike Groh as his offensive coordinator but was encouraged to go in a different direction.

The former offensive coordinator in Denver during the 2019 season, Scangarello is a Kyle Shanahan-disciple and was brought in to pump-up the play-action game for Carson Wentz, something that never got off the ground despite high expectations.

"Carson, he’s an elite processor in my opinion, both pre-snap and post-snap," Scangarello said back in the summer. "He’s able to do a lot of things because of it. That’s what separates him to me from a lot of people in this league."

The Eagles only settled on Scangarello only after feelers to Baltimore quarterbacks coach James Urban and Southern Cal offensive coordinator Graham Harrell didn't pan out. The one-year deal indicated both sides thought it was a feeling-out process as did Scangarello's title as a senior offensive assistant.

Scangarello explained his offensive philosophy to SI'com's EagleMaven back in training camp.

"I think Kyle has a great deal of respect in the league for how he’s married the run system to the pass system. The details of that are very important," Scangarello explained. "It goes back to his days learning from his dad when he was a teenager in Denver, then his experience with the Houston Texans with Gary Kubiak, then him shaping his vision for how all that comes together.

"To be part of that process, you just learn details and intricacies that very few people know, that come from him ultimately. People see it on film, and they think they know, but they really don’t.

"That’s the cool part of being part of it and having that knowledge. It’s an exciting part of taking that somewhere into a new building and sharing that with coaches who maybe you can help with that. ...  think it fits our quarterback. It fits our personnel."

In-house, Scangarello was considered the lead offensive assistant, according to a team source, but the setup with no traditional offensive coordinator differed slightly from the Frank Reich and Groh eras in that Press Taylor was the filter between Pederson and the rest of the offensive assistants.

When Pederson gave up play-calling for a small period right before Wentz was benched, it was to Taylor and Scangarello, with the latter handling two-minute and/or hurry-up offense, getting the duties.

Pederson recently talked about settling on one voice for the offense, however, and Scangarello, along with senior offensive consultant Marty Mornhinweg, were notably absent in his remarks.

"Really everybody has great ideas," the head coach said. "That's part of putting plans together.

"But at the end of the day I want to make sure there's one voice, and that's my voice, that's heard offensively and nobody else's. That's the part that I've got to get across to the staff, and I have done that.

"I want to make sure that there's one voice talking to the quarterbacks, whoever is in this room. Press has been in that room, (pass game analyst) Andrew Breiner has been in that room. They're speaking the same language, we're all on the same page. I think that's very important at every position."

"...As the season ends this weekend for us, it will be evaluated moving forward."

Those evaluations have begun.

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