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Roommates' Time Could be Nearing an End

Dallas Goedert and Avonte Maddox have shared an apartment since their rookie seasons in 2018, but both are on the final year of their contracts

PHILADELPHIA – Eagles roommates Dallas Goedert and Avonte Maddox are headed for an amicable split.

Their contracts each have only a few more months to run before they expire at the end of the season. One or both could return.

Even if they both do, the days of rooming together, something they have done since 2018 when they arrived as rookie draft picks, are over.

“I thought the plan was we were going to get a lot of land, two houses on there, two ATVs so we could drive back and forth, you know?” Goedert joked on Thursday as the Eagles (3-5) continue preparing for a visit from the Los Angeles Chargers (4-3) on Sunday at 4:05 (CBS).

“But, no it’s been great living with him the last three-and-a-half or whatever years. All great things must come to an end sometime, you have to move on and continue your life eventually.”

Added Maddox: “We’re starting to get older now, time to settle down with loved ones, things like that, so I’ll let Dallas free, finally.”

The players became fast friends four years ago when Goedert was drafted in the second round and Maddox in the fourth.

“It just kind of worked with both him and I,” said Goedert. “We were both drafted here into a city where we didn’t know a lot of people. He doesn’t have family out here, I don’t have family out here.

“Being able to just come into the building, have a friend. When you go home, you’re not just sitting at home with your thoughts. You can talk to him about everything.”

Even though the two played on opposite sides of the ball, with Goedert at tight end and Maddox at cornerback, talked plenty of football at home.

“We’re going through the meetings together (but)…we’re able to learn to together to help that development,” said Goedert. “Off the field, he’s a great guy, he’s fun to be around. We’re just a good fit together.”

Both players are playing well enough to warrant new contracts.

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Whether the Eagles feel the same way remains to be seen.

November has typically been a big month for the organization to hand out contract extensions, though this year they got a pair of deals done with Jordan Mailata and Josh Sweat prior to the season opener and Week 2, respectively.

Goedert’s contract stance has been well documented. 

He thought he would have a deal done prior to the season, but the Eagles still had Zach Ertz. Now that Ertz has been traded, Goedert’s role has grown and he’s showing why he is considered arguably one of the top five tight ends n in the league.

Maddox has been playing some of the best football of his career as a full-time slot cornerback, but he’s not thinking about a contract, he said on Thursday. He said neither side has engaged in any conversations, though both the Mailata and Sweat deals came together quickly.

“That’s something I’m not really worrying about,” said Maddox. “Me playing well will settle everything. Hoping we make the playoffs on this run and me playing my best ball as well and enjoying it here with the guys in the room. That’s really big to me.”

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Avonte Maddox

Maddox has 36 tackles, four passes defended, four tackles for loss, two forced fumbles, and one interception this season.

Some players don’t like to be pigeon-holed as slot corners, and it’s a position that doesn’t pay as well as being an outside corner or standout safety.

“I’m not bothered by it,” he said. “I embrace it, but I know I can play every other position, so if it comes down to it and they have to move me everywhere else, I’m up for it, any challenge.

“I know all the spots, so if they need me to go anywhere else, if it happens this next season or I’m here next season and I have to move somewhere else, it doesn’t really matter.”

Maddox has shown good versatility, having played safety and outside corner during his four years in town.

“We put a lot on his plate, and he handles it extremely well,” said defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon. “And not to say that he doesn't make mistakes or can’t he keep improving, but he's an ultra-competitive player. Everything that we ask him to do, and we ask him to do a lot, he can do really well.

“And he's a great dude. I mean, he's always positive – ‘What can I do’ – like a lot of our guys, like all of our guys – ‘what can I do to help our team win this game? Even if it means I have tough duty on a couple of things.’”

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