The 'OG' of Eyewash Brings the Rams to Philadelphia

John McMullen

PHILADELPHIA - The "OG" of eyewash is coming to Philadelphia.

That's what Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz called Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay earlier this week.

"I mean, what we saw from Washington was a lot of that kind of stuff," said Schwartz when discussing the Rams' affinity for pre-snap motion. "But when you're talking about the Rams, you're really talking about the OG team as far as doing that kind of stuff."

The goal for McVay is getting defenders to become undisciplined by reacting to a host of jet sweeps or orbit motions to distract from the DNA of the offense, the play-action passing game.

"It's something we've dealt with since that stuff has been around, really going back to Washington in 2016," said Schwartz. "We started seeing a lot of that stuff with Sean. There's been some other stuff, wildcat-type stuff, way back in the early 2000s that had some of that similar type motion."

Others do plenty of motion but in Week 1 the Rams were No. 1.

"Again, that's one of those things: you play perfect nine out of 10 times, that 10th play can be a difference-maker," Schwartz said.

New Eagles slot cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman was with the Rams for the past three seasons and has practiced against the offense giving him a unique perspective.

“I’m excited to play against my old team," said NRC after Wednesday's practice. "The guys over there, it’s all love, it’s big love over there, but I’m just sharing all the information that I can possibly remember from being in LA. I’m telling Rod (Rodney McLeod) right now, like, ‘Yo, hey, if you see this? This could possibly happen. If you see that, that could possibly happen.’

“Me and (CB Darius) Slay just talking, getting an upbeat on how McVay uses his offense, and how the guys just work around Jared (Goff) to get open. Things like that. So far, so good."

Schwartz and the Eagles defense have beaten the Rams on two occasions, in 2017 and 2018, but the DC understands that the discipline needs to be on point again this week.

"Nothing we haven't dealt with," said Schwartz. "It's just that the number of times they bring it, it just keeps the pressure on the defense. It's up to us to respond to that. We have to be able to play lights out, mistake-free football."

Robey-Coleman also stressed that and gave an even deeper understanding of what the Rams try to accomplish.

"This is a game where you have to be detailed, and you have to be, like, a stickler on those things, being disciplined and not letting your eyes get distracted by the motions and shifts," he said. "So you know, the only way we can defeat offenses like that is to pay attention to our keys, watch our guy."

The constant motion is an attempt to create disarray in the defensive's communication.

"You know, they’re going to shift three or four times," said NRC. "Okay we focus on the final formation, so while they’re doing all that shifting, we’re going to let them shift, we’re going to let them motion, we’re going to let them do all that, but after that settles, now, we’re back paying attention to our keys.

"We can’t get wound up with the first look they give us, because if we do that, they’re going to shift and we’ll be, like, panicking."

Robey-Coleman is confident the Eagles will be ready with his help.

"We’re not going to let the motions and the shifts overwhelm us," he said. "We’re going to stay calm, we’re just going to pay attention to our keys. We’ve got to be very disciplined on the back end with our eyes, and we’ve got to be very disciplined with our feet as well.

"We can’t move too much; we’ve got to let them do their thing, then once they start moving (after the snap), we’re going to start moving.”

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