Dirty Birds Podcast Episode 13: Grading the Atlanta Falcons' 2020 draft

The 2020 NFL Draft came and went. Chris and Brady deliver their take on the Atlanta Falcons' selections.
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The Falcons by and large addressed their needs in this year's NFL Draft. From a position standpoint, Atlanta added players in spots where production and depth is needed. 

That's not really up for debate. 

Where there's less consensus is the value of the players the Falcons drafted: Is A.J. Terrell really worth the 16th overall pick? Why go with Marlon Davidson instead of Zack Baun or A.J. Epenesa? And what happened to all those trade rumors we heard this time last week?

In this week's edition of "The Dirty Birds Podcast," Brady and Chris give their favorite and least favorite pick of the Falcons' draft. Spoiler alert: They disagree.

Zooming out, how did the Falcons do as a team this year? The reviews from national experts are all over the board, but both Brady and Chris agree they get a passing grade for their efforts in the draft, though Brady seems a bit more disappointed than Chris. 

The Atlanta front office has played aggressively thus far in the offseason, but after standing pat this year in the draft, just how much better are the Falcons after the draft? 

Terrell and Davidson seem to be sure bets to play starting roles, but even if they do, how much of an upgrade do they truly provide to the leaky Falcons' defense that struggled in 2019?

With the draft going virtual this year, ESPN and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell presented a different look. Brady and Chris debate the good and bad from the first ever quarantine draft. 

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