BLITZ ZONE: The Atlanta Falcons Should Have Drafted Calvin Johnson Instead Of Julio Jones

Christopher Smitherman II

Our lead contributor Terence Moore said several years ago that the Atlanta Falcons made a mistake by not drafting former Detroit Lions Wide Receiver, Calvin Johnson. He claims that the Atlanta Falcons would be in an overall better place because they would not have had to trade five players for the price of Julio Jones. Malik Brown strongly disagrees. 

Malik Brown recently had a series about his top 11 moments that Julio Jones made his day. He is the expert on Julio Jones. There is no way that the Atlanta Falcons should have drafted Calvin Johnson. Calvin Johnson

Terence makes several good arguments in this debate. He says that Calvin Johnson always wanted to play for the Atlanta Falcons. It was his dream. He would have been much happier and performed better doing what he loves for who he loves rather than anyone else. Isn't that how all people are with jobs? If the Falcons had picked up Johnson who is a receiver with comparable ability to Julio Jones, the Atlanta Falcons would be in a better place as a franchise today. 

Malik says that with the Atlanta Falcons had picked up Johnson they would not have gotten Julio, and more importantly, they would have never been able to pick up Matt Ryan. Calvin Johnson retired early supposedly from injuries, and Malik claims that is not what the Atlanta Falcons want nor need in the long run. They need Julio Jones. They need Matt Ryan. 

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No. 1-1

Completely agree. They made the right decision in not taking Johnson and getting Jones. There are of course a lot of ifs attached but without Matt Ryan I am fairly positive this team would not be where it is today.