Dirty Birds Podcast Episode 38: That's a Wrap

The Atlanta Falcons' last-second, blown-lead loss to the Detroit Lions in Week 7 made Brady Pfister and Chris Vinel speechless — which is ironic considering this is the final episode of The Dirty Birds Podcast.
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Once again, the Falcons blew it late in a game.

At this point, there aren't many more ways to spin it — Atlanta has a systemic problem with finding ways to win games which it has no excuse to lose. 

There are no new words to describe what's going on in Atlanta, and the timing of this is ironic. 

This will be the final episode of "The Dirty Birds Podcast," as the current staff of the Falcon Report is moving on at the end of the month. 

So this episode serves as the final opportunity for Brady and Chris to describe what has happened with the Falcons in 2020 and where they can go from here to get the team back in order.


As the podcast comes to an end but your fandom doesn't, Brady and Chris give their parting shots and vision for what the future of the Falcons should look like in the months to come, as the franchise will undergo significant changes at the end of the year.

What should the team look for as it picks its next head coach? And does a rebuild mean shopping players such as Matt Ryan or Julio Jones?

All of this, along with a few trips down memory lane, on the final edition of "The Dirty Birds Podcast."

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