After 28-3, Falcons needed new car smell, new attitude

Jeremy Johnson

I’m digging these new uniforms released by the Atlanta Falcons. I like them a lot. They don’t look like I would have preferred, but they achieve the ultimate objective.

The Falcons aren’t one of these classic teams that can afford to have one uniform for the next 50 years. That right is reserved for the few, the great, the legendary.

That’s not to turn the nose up at the Falcons’ accomplishments. It’s to say, it was time to move on. It was time to shed the look that gets plastered across the jokes the remembrance of the largest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Yes, 28-3 is still fresh in the history books. It was only three years ago, but it seems like it was much sooner with the amount of comedy and lack of success since it took place.

Turning on a Falcons’ game in 2020 will be a little less easy on the eyes when fans don’t have to look at the uniforms of the franchise’s most long-standing and floundering moment.

The Falcons had 17 years to make their former threads stick. The Super Bowl loss was the odor that deemed it unattainable.

The Yankees' pinstripes wouldn’t be what they are if they didn’t have 27 World Series crowns. The Packers would need to switch their identity if they didn’t have 13 NFL championships to fall back on. The University of Alabama gets by on a traditional look because their tradition elicits joy from their fans and those in the program.

Seeing today’s stars in wrapped in the same threads as the champions of old brings a polished and nostalgic nectar that we call ‘tradition’ when we refer to uniforms.

Nobody wants to remember 28-3.

Here’s more on why the uniform change was needed.

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