Falcons dropping hints about new uniforms?

Zach Hood

The Atlanta Falcons streamed the 1998 NFC Championship victory over the Minnesota Vikings Monday night on their website. Rashad Milligan dives into the details and ponders if the Falcons were trying to tell us something about the highly anticipated new look, or if they were simply just trying to provide some entertainment to their fan base.

It's worth speculating, at least, that the logo of the 1990's could make a return of some form. The Falcons changed their Twitter avatar to the beloved 'old-school' Falcon during the stream, but as of Tuesday morning changed it back to the black and red Falcon logo of 2019 and previous seasons. 

Then, Tuesday afternoon, the Falcons announced April 14 as the official release date for the new jerseys, and some interesting images began to surface. 

These appear to be leaked jerseys, but there's no way of knowing if they are just samples or actually the new threads. Nonetheless, the speculation is at an all-time high as images have appeared, whether they are the real jerseys or just samples. 

The organization has reportedly spent years working on the new look, generating even more excitement within the fan base who expressed a passion for a new look. Perhaps nothing was aesthetically wrong with the old look, and fans just wanted some bad memories burned out of their brains. Considering the fate of the red jersey in Super Bowl LI, perhaps this change was necessary to fully move forward. 

Do you think those are the real jerseys or just samples? 

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