Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Expounds On Unique Moment Involving '28-3' Super Bowl LI Loss To Tom Brady's New England Patriots

Terence Moore

If you think you've seen and heard everything regarding the meltdown by the Atlanta Falcons from that 28-3 lead at the end of their 2017 Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots, well, you haven't.

Just click to watch my Zoom interview with Falcons owner Arthur Blank.


Along with other things, you'll discover something from Blank during our conversation as riveting as the photo you'll see in this video.

I was there in Houston for the Falcons' journey back then from good to great to ghastly while many in front of their TV sets rubbed their eyes.

I also took that photo.

In fact, after the Falcons finished blowing the largest lead in Super Bowl history, I was among the few to witness what Blank explained so well in his recently published autobiography called "Good Company."

Blank discussed his thoughts before, during and after that Super Bowl in his book, and he did so with additional insight in this interview.

You'll also watch Blank expound on everything in his book from Michael Vick to Blank's ability to change the losing culture around the franchise by using the same techniques he used as one of the co-founders of Home Depot.

I can't wait for you to see what I heard Blank say.

I'm sure you can't, either.

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