Saving The Falcons: Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank Needs To Help Save The NFL From Donald Trump

Terence Moore

The NFL should brace itself this season for an ugly combination: COVID-19 and silliness from the President of the United States.

Who can help save the league from Donald Trump?

Arthur Blank.

Blank has an extensive resume, stretching from co-founder of Home Dept to owner of the Atlanta Falcons, but when it comes to solving the coronavirus, he doesn't play a doctor on television or otherwise.

As for Blank helping the NFL with Trump, that's another story.

Blank has more than a little pull around the league he joined in 2002, when he purchased the Falcons. 

That's good news these days for the NFL, which needs the expertise of Blank to join that of Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys), Bob Kraft (New England Patriots), John Mara (New York Giants) and others among his peers to keep their league from getting damaged by Trump's political ambitions this fall.

Election day to determine the White House occupant for the next four years is Tuesday, November 3. As a result,Trump likely will try to use everything he can between now and then to make up his deficit in the polls to challenger Joe Biden.

Did I say everything?

Yes, and that includes Trump trying to make news (and not in a welcomed way) involving the NFL.

First of all, Trump has no business sticking his (ahem) tweets into anything involving sports.

Instead . . . 

One moment, Trump is embarrassing himself by blasting Bubba Wallace for nonsensical reasons after a noose is found in the Talladega County, Alabama garage of Wallace, the only Black driver at the highest racing level of NASCAR.

The next, Trump is claiming he'll throw out the first pitch at a New York Yankees game in August before he announces days later he has changed his mind . . . and that's before Yankees officials say they never invited him. 

That Yankee thing is innocent stuff compared to the ugly stuff Trump could do to the NFL over the next few months.

Which brings us back to Blank.

This video explains more.

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