BLITZ ZONE: Is Calvin Ridley an ELITE NFL Wide Receiver?

Christopher Smitherman II

On Wednesday August 12th, Jeremy Johnson and Christian Crittenden hopped into... THE BLITZ ZONE! Every Wednesday Falcon Report goes live debating a topic related to the Atlanta Falcons. This weeks topic was whether or not Calvin Ridley is an ELITE wide receiver. Christian Crittenden took the affirmative, saying that without a doubt, Calvin Ridley should be and is considered an ELITE wide receiver. Jeremy Johnson disagrees and says that Ridley is good, Ridley is great, but he has not proven himself to be a true ELITE wide receiver. 

Both gentleman took the stage and went head to head. For the record, both gentleman believe that Calvin is not better than Julio. Some audience members at a point even asked was Julio better than Megatron, but these two know how to stay focused and did not stray from the topic at hand!

Christian led the affirmative camp for Ridley, being honest about his past performance and mistakes he's made. Christian asked the question,"What makes an NFL wide receiver elite?" He defined what ELITE meant, acknowledged that Ridley is human, but the man has shown his promise and in the 2020 NFL season he is going to show the world and all who doubted him that he is ELITE!!

Jeremy on the other hand, argues that Ridley is just not there. The whole debate Jeremy used facts and figures of other "ELITE" players and showed the audience how Ridley doesn't quite stack up to them. While Ridley is only human, there are other humans who are out performing him and that's what makes them elite! If Ridley wants to be in that category he has got to step his game up. 

As always this was a spirited debate. The winner is..

Well you'll have to just watch and see!

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