This Week In Atlanta Falcons Training Camp: Week 2

William B. Carver

The Atlanta Falcons have now completed a week of training camp.

As mentioned in last week’s episode, the NFL has mandated no padded practices until Aug. 17.

So this week was similar to last week in camp with Zoom meetings, daily COVID-19 testing, strength and conditioning and now helmets.

Yes, helmets.

Players can now wear their helmets while going through practice reps.

Players spoke about playing with helmets among other things throughout this week in camp.

Week 2 Quotes

Head Coach Dan Quinn also spoke with the media this week.

When asked if Todd Gurley II, Alex Mack and Keanu Neal might be limited once full padded practice begins. He essentially stated that in some way they will be limited whether it's taking a day off or limiting their snaps.

Coach Quinn was also asked about newly signed cornerback Darqueze Dennard and if he will be playing outside or inside corner position for the Falcons.

“The nice part about him, he has got experience of doing both, so it’s not just where he has to come in and be outside player or an inside player.”

Darqueze Dennard was also asked where he is a better fit for the Falcons and he said, “I can play both so just where ever the team kind of sees me fit to better the team. That's my goal here. Come here and add to this talented roster and get where we want to go.”

Dennard, a Georgia native, spoke about being able to play for the Falcons.

“It means a lot. You know i’m from like an hour and half south, Twiggs County. You know I haven’t been home since high school, so it feels good to be home around family and with my friends.”

Linebacker Foye Oluokun also spoke with the media via Zoom this week. When asked how he might cover a tight end, he gave some insight on how he thinks and prepares.

“Different tight ends will give you different problems. So if it’s like a bigger guy, you know the ball is coming regardless even if you are on him he is going to push off at the end of the route. If he is more of a route running guy, he wants his space. You might want to get more hands on him. So there is definitely different techniques that you can use for different people.”

Julio Jones spoke with media on Thursday. He was asked how he compares his relationship as a mentor to Calvin Ridley to that of his relationship with former Falcon receiver Roddy White.

“That's why I am here. Roddy did that for me so you know my job is to give too Calvin and all the receivers as well. I’m just trying to be that big brother and mentor to give everybody that knowledge I have so everyone can be successful.”

Another week in camp is complete. With players now wearing helmets, they now begin their progression towards next week’s padded practice .

Checkout this week’s video to see what Demi thought about this week in camp.

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Ann L

Good job !


I have truly pump this year about our Atlanta Falcons they have all the talent they need and I believe we will be we will win the NFC South and head to the Superbowl and win there and bring Lombardi trophy home to Atlanta!!#We_Rise#TFF(True Falcons Fan)#InBrotherhood