Dad and Demi: Atlanta Falcons Play Two Games In Five Days

After another embarrassing loss, the Falcons were able to get a win against their division foe.
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So much has happened in such a short time.

The Atlanta Falcons have played two football games in five days.

And Demi has went from using diapers regularly to using the potty.

Oh and this is our last episode here on the Falcon Report.

See, a lot is happening.

So for our final episode we will be discussing the Falcons failure against the Detroit Lions and their win against the Carolina Panthers .

Falcons Blunder Against Detroit

The Falcons lost another game when the odds where in their favor. 

Atlanta had the ball, in field goal range, with less than two minutes in the game. 

The Falcons should have taken a knee to run out the clock. Then let Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo kick the game winning field goal as time would expire.

But that's not what happened.

Instead the Falcons handed the ball off to running back Todd Gurley II, who scored the go ahead touchdown with plenty of time remaining. 

Even the Lions’ defenders were standing near Gurley at the goal line, beckoning the officials to rule it a touchdown.

Gurley was informed to go down and not to score, yet he did. 

Even after that, the Falcons defense could still save the win for the team.

That didn’t happen. 

The Lions drove right up the field and scored a touchdown and then kicked the go ahead extra point. 

Atlanta lost another game they should’ve won.

Falcons beat Panthers on Thursday night

After losing in embarrassing fashion on Sunday the Falcons rebound with a win against the Panthers.

That doesn’t mean the game wasn’t without concern or nervous tension for Demi.

Atlanta only managed to score two touchdowns in six red zone attempts.

Panthers were within one score because Koo missed an extra point in the fourth quarter giving the Falcons an eight point lead.

Gurley once again had a late game mistake, when he ran outbounds on third down and stopped the clock. 

Unfortunately for the Panthers, their quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater threw an interception with less than a minute remaining on the clock, crushing all hopes of a Panthers comeback.

If the Falcons plan on winning more games they must continue to play well on defense and convert all red zone opportunities.

This isn’t the end of Dad and Demi. It’s just our last time at this playground. You will be able to find us on our Youtube channel and who knows where else.

It’s been a pleasure and Demi said, "Never give up on your team."

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