Dad, Demi & First Downs: The Debacle In Dallas

William B. Carver

Demi had a meltdown on Sunday and so did the Atlanta Falcons specials teams.

Demi is 2.

So, he has his fair share of meltdowns.

His meltdowns are referred to as the terrible twos.

Well on Sunday, I think my entire house had a meltdown along with the Atlanta Falcons special teams.

If you’ve been under a rock for the last five days then you might be unaware that the Falcons lost to the Dallas Cowboys 40-39 in the most Falcon way possible.

An onside kick.

Not just any normal onside kick but an onside kick where a tee wasn’t used.

An onside kick where the football is laid on its side so that it spends like a bowling pin.

I’ve never seen that before and apparently the Falcons hadn’t either.

But the Falcons had a timeout and they used it.


They have to be prepared now to know that the ball will not have a normal trajectory and more than likely just skim across the ground.

Dallas can’t touch the ball until it goes at least 10 yards.

Well, the Cowboys kicked their unconventional onside kick and the ball spun across the turf like a bowling pin on butter. 

The Falcons “hands team” reacted to this onside kickoff like it was a punt.

One player attempted to block the Cowboys from getting to the ball, while the other Falcons that were nearby watched the ball continue to spin until it reached 10 yards.

There was no need for the Falcons to watch the ball roll. They could’ve picked it up at anytime.

Instead the Cowboys recovered the ball at their own 46-yard line. 

Two plays later Dak Prescott completes a short right pass to rookie CeeDee Lamb for 24 yards. 

After a couple of plays to get the field goal setup, Dallas kicker Greg Zuerlein kicks the game winning 46-yard field goal as time expires.

Does that sound like a meltdown?

Demi is getting over the loss just like most of us.

Good news for Demi and the Falcons it’s only one game.

Check out this week’s video to see what Demi had to say and to hear our breakdown of Chicago Bears at Falcons.

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Ann L
Ann L

Great report! Rise Up Falcons!!