Is Antonio Brown really SpongeBob?

William B. Carver

Dad and Demi are back again for your viewing pleasure.

William Brandon (Dad) and Demi (Demi) give a report on the expansion of the NFL playoffs and how a former NFL wide receiver compares himself to Julio Jones, the superstar of the Atlanta Falcons. The father delivers a more journalistic view of the playoff expansion compared to that of his son who provides a fan's perspective.

The NFL owners voted on Tuesday via conference call to increase their playoffs from 12 teams to 14. So there will be two more teams in the playoffs each year (one from each conference). In addition, there will only be one team from each conference that will receive a bye week.

The wild card games will be televised on CBS, NBC and Nickelodeon.

That's right, Nickelodeon! Yes, Nickelodeon...the home of SpongeBob SquarePants, and now of Patrick Mahomes. 

The Nick at Night folks are partnering with the NFL to create a child friendly production. League executive vice president Brian Rolapp spoke with reporters on Tuesday via conference call and said, "The youth demographic is very important. There are plenty of young fans, and we want to continue to bring the game to the young fans."

So maybe SpongeBob will deliver play by play on game days.

Speaking of cartoon characters, Antonio Brown, the former NFL wide receiver mentioned earlier, recently targeted Jones with his latest rant. 

Brown took to Instagram to compare himself to Jones. 

Told you Brown is a cartoon character.

In a live Instagram video, Brown said, "I am the best receiver in the game. I got more touchdowns than Julio Jones had in the past five years, and I took a year off."

Brown is right. He does have more touchdowns than Jones, but Brown also is wrong, because he didn't "take a year off."

Nobody wanted him.

Here's something else Brown didn't say: He trails Jones in total yards overall, along with touchdowns and receptions during the playoffs.

Most importantly, Jones is the consummate professional at his position, and Browns isn't quite there yet, to say the least.

Jones hasn't responded to Brown's remarks, and he likely won't. He's a rare breed when compared to his spotlight-seeking peers.

Check out the video to see our take.

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Ann L

I look so forward to seeing your clips because I love the FALCONS !!!! I also love your co-host views from fans perspective !! Keep up the great work.

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William B. Carver


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