Saving the Falcons: From rumors to uniforms, which means, what?

Terence Moore

You won't believe this.

Moments before the Atlanta Falcons shocked everybody Wednesday morning by releasing the look of their new uniforms six days early, I was set to post a video.

I was just getting ready to hit the send button slightly before 9 a.m., and suddenly, an alert jumped across my I-phone screen: Stop, Terence Moore! The Falcons are about to show the whole universe their new uniforms RIGHT NOW, so hold that video!

Well, the alert said something like that.

It was THIS video . . . before I made some changes.

The original video talked only about the rumors surrounding the coming of the Falcons' new uniforms. The pending change first surfaced last January in public, and then came the announcement this week that the Falcons officially would showcase their 2020 threads to the public next Tuesday.

Afterward, the rumors surged into high gear, including the one on social media last Tuesday that claimed it was leaking the new uniforms.

That's when I composed my original video on the combination of the Falcons' preparation for their Big Reveal, the rumors and the ramifications of it all.

You know about rumors: They can start from anywhere and from anybody, and when they involve something as massive as the wardrobe for an entire NFL team, well, you get the picture. 

Twitter was working overtime over this Falcons thing. 

The same went for Facebook, Instagram and the mouths of Falcons fans, because most of them kept delivering their thoughts on whether their team should do this or mostly that involving their biggest uniform change in 17 years.

So I had a few thoughts on all of this.

Then came the early release of the new uniforms.

No worries.

I made those (alterations) to the original video.

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