Saving the Falcons: '28-3' versus '30-27'

Terence Moore

When it comes to all of those associated with the Atlanta Falcons (Arthur Blank, executives, coaches, players, fans), nothing tops the 1998 NFC Championship Game for joy wrapped inside of hysteria, and guess who understands that as much as anybody?

The Falcons.

Well, their marketing people.

So what they have planned for Monday at 6 p.m. is splendid for all of those associated with the Falcons (see above).

This isn't: THAT memory. 

For those same Falcons folks, it's always there, and it'll never leave.




Then again, if you go by the last week or so, those same Falcons folks also have another set of numbers rattling around their subconscious.




The first numbers (28-3) involve the score of Super Bowl LI in Houston on February 5, 2017,  when the game hadn't reached the fourth quarter. Yep, "28-3" was the lead at that time for the Falcons over the New England Patriots.

The second numbers (3-28) represent March 28.

They are the numbers reminding those same Falcons folks, along with giddy Patriots followers and anybody into cruel history, that the team that didn't have Tom Brady never scored again that night after "28-3" went from lovely to loathsome in its world.

The Patriots scored again, and they kept doing so . . . all the way to a 28-28 tie at the end of regulation play. Then they stormed into the end zone on the first drive of overtime for a world championship that should have gone to the Falcons.

But there was that 1998 NFC Championship Game, though. It featured the visiting Falcons upsetting the Vikings in Minnesota.

Which brings us to today's "Saving the Falcons" video.

Take a look.

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