Saving the Falcons: New uniforms, eh?

Terence Moore

Give me a moment before I discuss the Atlanta Falcons on the verge of switching uniforms. 

You know, again.

In case you haven't heard, the Falcons could debut new threads by the middle of this week, and if they do so Wednesday, they won't say, "April fools."

They'll just say,"We told you so."

They've been teasing toward this moment since the start of the year.

I'll eventually give you my thoughts on the Falcons' uniform thing, but I'll start with a confession: I'm The World's Greatest Traditionalist.

Sorry, Arthur Blank. But give me The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field over the modern stuff of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

Speaking of the Green Bay Packers' place, I'll take those Wisconsin brats covered in "Secret Sauce" going back to Lombardi days over the cheap prices around the concession stands during Falcons' home games.

Actually . . . 

Let me think about that one.

When it comes to Packers-Falcons comparisons, this is for sure: The Packers NEVER change their uniforms, and the Falcons always do.

The Packers have won four Super Bowls to the Falcons' zero.

Just saying. 

I'm also just saying teams that often change their uniforms (hello, Jacksonville Jaguars usually aren't the best collectors of championship rings.

So given all of that, the Falcons will announce yet another uniform switch within the next four weeks, and such a thing normally would deserve a shrug since it has become a habit for this franchise entering its 55th NFL season.

I've been doing some thinking about this particular move.

I'm thinking . . .

OK, take a look at the video.

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Falcon Time

Since you decided to use Greenbay as your comparison for this article, you should probably atleast get the facts correct.

Per the Packers own Twitter feed, back in 2018 they released a video of all the different "PRIMARY" uniforms over the 100 years (at that time) of the organization.

The packers have had 27 uniforms over that span, including 6 since 1966 ( the falcons first year), including a change in 2018.

This will be the Falcons first change of primary uniforms in 17 years and 7th overall.

If you are going to bash one organization, and praise another that's perfectly fine and your right, but atleast be factual about it instead of spewing a false narrative.


Sounds like you're a closet Green Bay fan to me as a Georgia native I'll always be a Falcons fan but I've been living in Green Bay for the last year go Falcons f*** the pack


Sounds to me like you're a closet green gay fan I'm a transplanted Georgian living in Green Bay f*** the Pack Go Birds


Very confused on how the new falcons jerseys have anything to do with Green Bay? Don’t get the point of this article, came for information about the new falcons jersey, not your opinion on Green Bay or the food they serve at Lambeau.


I don't understand why you post to or for the falcons. Never anything Positive to say. But once they win a sb you're going to proclaim to be the biggest fan ever. Smh


Even teams like Notre Dame have changed their uniforms. This guy is a joke! I have always hated just about anyone writing or reporting about the Falcons. No facts! No one cares to educate themselves. We even have television announcers that don’t put in the time to learn the roster, our tendencies or news. SMH!