What Allen, Tuffant Had To Say After Falcons Loss at Philly



On the message to the team moving forward:

We are better than that. We have to put it all together. We have to transition when it comes to offense, defense, and special teams. If we are not clicking together, it is going to be hard to win in this league. We have to stick together, we have to stay together, and we have to keep fighting because we have a long season ahead of us.

On fixing the penalties:

It is going to happen. Some of the penalties can be on both sides. Some should have been called and some shouldnt have been called. It is what it is and we have to address the style of play. We know that there are going to be penalties and we just have to minimize them when it is on crucial downs.

On whether Eagles Head Coach Doug Pedersons offense is the most difficult to plan for given the unpredictability and the RPOs [run-pass options]:

Yes. They do a really good job of switching things up. They can go from I-formations, to shotgun, to spread, to RPOs, and to play action. Once you start tying the RPOs into things, your play action starts to hit and your run game starts to add up. He does a good job of spinning it all through to keep the defense on our toes. But I think we did a pretty good job with RPOs and containing most of the stuff, but we have to get off the field a little earlier.

On whether he wants to take more responsibility on covering running backs:

I can do it all man. Me and Deion [Jones] take our turns on covering running backs. We try and keep it all flowing. I got tight ends. I got running backs. I got it all so we can keep the offense on their toes, so they never know where I am lining up or what I am doing.

On whether he is impressed with S Damontae Kazees progress:

Always. That has been my partner since day one. That is like my brother and for him to keep making plays week in and week out, I am so proud to have him as my counterpart. It is easy to just bring him in because he is reliable and you know that he will make the plays.


On his thoughts regarding tonights game:

It just came down to closing really. I thought for the most part we played solid throughout the whole game on both sides but, we just couldnt close it out tonight. We just have to stay together, we have a good team however, that was a good team and you have to tip your hat to them. They finished the game and we didnt and thats just what it came down to.

On what the difference was on the last scoring drive by the Eagles:

Its no excuse at the end of the day, were out there and we expect to stop them. Look, they get paid, too, so theyre going to make plays. I was hoping that we couldve held them to three on that drive but, they punched it in and we had a chance to win at the end but we just fell a little short.

On whether there were any differences with the teams from last years playoff game to tonights game:

It was a very similar game I thought. It came down to the final drive again like last year. I felt like both teams played well but, they just finished better than we did tonight. So we just have to watch film and come back hungry next week.

On whether he feels that the offense improved in the red zone this past offseason:

It is what it is and sometimes the ball just doesnt go in. But at the end of the day, its our job to give the offense the ball back, get the stops, and get turnovers because we work hand in hand. When the offense makes big plays, it gives us energy and when we get a turnover it gives them energy. So, we just have to keep producing on defense and the offense will continue to punch balls in.


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