New players and familiar worries

William B. Carver

In this edition of Dad, Demi and First Downs, you'll hear about the Atlanta Falcons' most recent transactions as well as concerns facing the Todd Gurley deal.

They're back again! For your enjoyment, the dynamic duo, father and son, break down the Falcons the best way they know how. 


William Brandon (Dad) and Demi (Demi) give a report on the slew of newly acquired Falcons and how the Gurley signing in particular feels familiar. The father delivers a more journalistic view of the Falcons' moves compared to that of his son who provides a fan's perspective. 

The Gurley signing has fans talking the most. So the father discusses the comparison between the three-time Pro Bowl running back and a former Falcons player. The son also adds his thoughts on Gurley returning to the state, where Gurley prospered with the University of Georgia.

Here are a couple of questions we'll address in the video.

!. Another first-round pick for the Falcons in this draft?

No, the Falcons didn’t get one of those, but they did sign former first-round draft pick Laquon Treadwell . He played wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings for four years. Hopefully, for the sake of Falcons fans, the former Ole Miss Rebel can add more speed to an already blazing receiving core.

The Falcons also brought LaRoy Reynold back to Flowery Branch. He played for the Cincinnati Bengals last season, and slightly before that, he was primarily on the special teams unit with the Falcons in 2016 and 2017.

Another XFL player makes his way to the NFL. This time, for the Falcons. They signed tight end Khari Lee to a one-year deal.

2. Steven Jackson?

That's who I hear Falcons’ fans say Gurley resembles. 

No, not the former NBA star Stephen Jackson. But Steven Jackson, the former Falcons running back by way of the Los Angeles (then St. Louis) Rams. 

These comparisons between Gurley and the NFL's Jackson are partly because they both are former Rams players and partly because they both had an injury cloud over them. The Falcons never saw the Jackson that ran for 1,000 yards consistently, and they likely won't witness the superstar Gurley, either.

You may prefer Demi’s version, so click the video above.

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Ann L
Ann L

Demi must have watched Todd Gurley playing for the Dawgs. I love this format with all the bad going on in our world. Good job !!!


🙌🙌🙌 Great update..Keep it going to the top‼


Love seeing and hearing you both!! Thanks for all the info!

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William B. Carver
William B. Carver


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Love this duo!

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