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Blitz Zone: Do the Atlanta Falcons have a favorable 2020 schedule?

Do the Atlanta Falcons have a favorable 2020 schedule? William Brandon & Malik Brown go head to head AGAIN!


This week on Blitz Zone: Falcon's Nest, we give you the question on everyone's mind, and that is, Do the Atlanta Falcons have a favorable 2020 schedule? Many of the experts argue that the Falcons have have one of the hardest, if not the hardest, NFL schedule this season. As a result, those experts feel that puts the Falcons at a major disadvantage. If COVID-19 doesn't change things along the way for all teams, Terence Moore, the head of Falcon Report, believes they'll finish 8-8.

New Show Setup! 

This week, we've decided to change up the format for future shows. Each person debating will now have timed segments, where they can share their reasons to back up their argument. Each debate will feature an affirmative and a negative. Each contestant will have opening statements, three rounds of debate and then closing arguments. At the end of closing arguments there will be a 10-minute Q/A, where audience participants can field questions to each contestant. At the conclusion of the Q/A, the audience will be able to vote on who they thought had the better debate. 


William Brandon is arguing that the Atlanta Falcons schedule is favorable this year. He even goes as far to say they'll finish at 12-4. Watch the whole debate above to see everything he has to say. In his promo for this week's debate, he had what some would call " straight fire" for Malik Brown, his opponent.


Speaking of Malik Brown, he's taking the negative this week. He feels that there is no possible way that the Falcons have a favorable path to winning with this 2020 schedule. Malik had some words for William, and as you can tell below, he was definitely prepared to take on his opponent in the Blitz Zone this week. 

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