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The Braves Chopping And Chanting Help The Falcons Become Atlanta's Team Even More

The Atlanta Falcons keep showing they are way ahead of the Atlanta Braves during these times of social enlightenment.

Sometimes, when it comes to professional sports in Atlanta, the Falcons are the people's choice. 

Other times, it's the Braves.

The Hawks . . . not so much.

What about Atlanta United, you say? Even though the Five Stripes won the Major League Soccer Cup during their second year in existence, they've only been around four seasons.

So this is mostly about the Falcons and the Braves, especially on huge topics these days such as social enlightenment.

Spoiler alert: I'm giving the Falcons two thumb's up already.

Not only that, but the NFL folks of Atlanta keep sacking their clueless counterparts of Major League Baseball for huge losses. 

Or, if you prefer a baseball analogy, the Falcons keep striking out the Braves as the Braves keep watching three smoking fastballs go by.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has his GoFundMe campaign with a goal of reaching $2 million to help black causes around Atlanta. He started the whole thing with $500,000 out of his own pocket.

Then there is Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, who donated to Ryan's cause, and Quinn was joined by Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff and other members of the coaching staff.

Quinn and Dimitroff even have participated in rallies against social injustice.

In essence, the Falcons do something every week now to show they get it regarding Black Lives Matter, the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, Juneteenth Day and anything else that calls for the end of racist stuff.

The same goes for the Hawks, for that matter, an NBA franchise that has been interesting only here and there since it traded basketball legend Dominique Wilkins during the early 1990's.

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While Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce has joined Black Lives Matter protesters, Hawks point guard Trae Young has worked with NBA superstar LeBron James and others in a campaign to end voter suppression around the country.

The Braves?

They posted a tweet earlier this month saying, "It is time for us to speak up. We will not stand for racism. The Atlanta Braves fervently stand in opposition to any and all discriminatory acts, racism, and injustice."

Yeah, well. The Braves still haven't mentioned anything about ending the 30-year practice of encouraging those at their games to resemble Kansas City Chiefs fans and those of the Florida Seminoles by doing one of the most racially insensitive things in sports.

The tomahawk chop along with the tomahawk chant.

That combination insults Native Americans, and many have said as much over the past three decades, but the Braves haven't done much to stop the chopping and the chanting.

Actually, they've done nothing at all.

It's enough to make Atlanta hug the Falcons more.

Or it should be.

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