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Taking a Look at Coronavirus' Impact on Fantasy Football

How is COVID-19 hurting fantasy football owners?

Coronavirus is changing everything about our world in 2020. Fantasy football is no exception.

With NFL games and bye weeks in constant flux, fantasy football players can forget about planning ahead in 2020. 

For example, Titans, Steelers, Broncos and Patriots players went from a bye week in late October or early November to taking it within the first five weeks of the season. Also during the last two weeks, games scheduled for Sunday have been moved to either Monday or Tuesday.

That can be a major issue for fantasy football players. If more positive COVID-19 tests for games postponed until Monday or Tuesday surface causing the game to be moved to another week after Sunday's games are played, then FF players will take zeroes for players in fantasy starting lineups effected by COVID-19.

One way to combat this issue is to allow owners to designate a backup player for a guy involved in a game that's moved. That's what one of my leagues has done with a new rule.

As long as the backup is designated publicly -- for instance, in the league chat on ESPN -- and before his game has kicked off, then he can be inserted as a replacement in the event a fantasy starter does not play because of a COVID-19 postponement.

But there's probably other ways for fantasy leagues to help owners prepare for COVID-19 postponements and cancellations, and we want to hear them from you. Fantasy football is a tight-knit community, so let's help each other out. Leave your creative ideas in the comment section below or send a tweet to @dmholcomb.

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As of Tuesday night, more than 215,000 people have died in the United States from COVID-19. To stop the spread of the coronavirus, follow the CDC guidelines.

Holcomb encourages all Americans, especially Falcons fans in Georgia, to wear masks in public places. Research indicates wearing masks can significantly halt the spread of coronavirus.

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