WATCH: Atlanta Falcons have options should team opt for midseason coaching change

Dave Holcomb

Falcons owner Arthur Blank gave his public support of head coach Dan Quinn following the loss against the Houston Texans on Sunday. For now, Quinn will remain head coach, but his seat is getting very warm. If things don't improve quickly, the Falcons could even make a change midseason.

If Blank changes his mind and elects to move on from Quinn during the season, the Falcons will have no shortage of options for interim head coach.

The obvious choice is offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter. He has the most recent NFL head coaching experience outside of Quinn and is the most important assistant coach on the team, being that the Falcons have no defensive coordinator. With Quinn technically the team's coordinator on defense, the Falcons will have to promote a new defensive playcaller should Quinn receive the pink slip, which is all the more reason to stick the head coaching duties to a highest-ranking offensive coach.

But Atlanta has other options besides Koetter if the team chooses it's best to let him remain in the same role to avoid disturbing his relationship with Matt Ryan. Tight ends coach Mike Mularkey and wide receivers coach Raheem Morris also have head coaching experience and could get Atlanta through the season if need be.

Mularkey is one of the few coaches in NFL history to be the head man of three different organizations. He never won more than nine games in a season as a coach, but he did go 18-14 in his final two seasons with the Titans. With him as Tennessee's head coach, the Titans began playing a more physical brand of football in 2016, which is something Quinn is trying to establish but failing miserably this fall.

But maybe the most intriguing option for interim head coach is Morris. Like Koetter, his head coaching experience comes from three years in Tampa Bay. Morris posted a 17-31 record from 2009-11, however, he is the last coach to win 10 games in a season with the Buccaneers in 2010. Koetter and Mularkey both topped out at nine wins in their head coaching gigs.

Since joining the Falcons staff in 2015, Morris has served as both an offensive and defensive assistant, which should only further help his case as the most well-rounded candidate on the roster.

Obviously, the hope in Atlanta is no interim head coach will be needed, but Quinn isn't going to keep his job to the end of the season just because the team needs him to finish 2019. The Falcons have coaches capable of doing that if need be.




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