Matt Ryan Provides Update On Black Community Fundraiser

Rashad Milligan

Matt Ryan is not giving up.

The Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback gave an update on his Advancing The Lives (ATL) Of The Black Community Tuesday afternoon via GoFundMe.

Listed below is his full update:

"As promised, I’ve been listening to and learning from activists and advocates within Atlanta to better understand the current issues that the city is dealing with. It is clear that the key to systemic change is to address inequities at the youth level. With mentors and advocates around me, I’m focused on continuing to develop the Fund’s strategy and putting it in play during the offseason so we can drive real and long lasting change in Atlanta. Together, we will fight inequality where it starts."

The update was the first one Ryan gave on the GoFundMe page since June 9. It came a day before Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's announcement officer Brett Hankison indictment on felony charges after shooting into an apartment door next to Breonna Taylor's apartment. Neither Hankison, Jonathan Mattingly or Myles Cosgrove were indicted on any charges related to the murder of Taylor on March 13 in Louisville, Kentucky. Hankison was the only officer present at the murder who was indicted on any charges.

The announcement led to another wave of protests across the country, including Atlanta.

After the Falcons' Sept. 13 season-opener against the Seattle Seahawks, Ryan approached Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and thanked him for the conversations they've had in regards to making change.

"Alright, brother," Wilson said. "Let's make a difference in this world. You know what I'm saying?"

"Absolutely," Ryan replied. "Of course."

Donations for the ATL fundraiser can be made by clicking here.

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