The Atlanta Falcons Mount Rushmore: Matt Ryan? Julio Jones?

Brady Pfister

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When it comes to the top four players to ever wear a Falcons' uniform, there are two givens: Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. 

But where does former Falcons linebacker Tommy Nobis, the man who earned the name "Mr. Falcon," belong in a franchise that also claims Deion Sanders and Michael Vick? 

For Brady and Chris, it all comes down to the criteria used. Brady argues for the flashier players such as Vick and Sanders to make Atlanta's "Mount Rushmore" of players while Chris is all for using on-field performance, favoring Nobis.

ESPN released their 2020 Football Power Index projections, putting the Falcons at 8-8 with just under a 1 and 3 chance to make the postseason. If this is where Atlanta ends up, will they have a better chance to make the playoffs with an expanded postseason system this year? And with an 8-8 finish, does Dan Quinn keep his job?

Speaking of Quinn, this week's episode takes a look around the league to evaluate where Quinn stands among NFL head coaches. Chris and Brady take an in-depth look at current coaches who are both better and worse than Quinn. 

In this week's trip to the podcast's mailbag, Chris and Brady address the complaints from an unhappy fan regarding the Falcons' strategy in the NFL Draft. Despite have an offense littered with explosive weapons, should Atlanta have stocked up on that side of the ball?

Take a listen to all of this, and so much more, on this week's edition of "The Dirty Birds Podcast."