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Twitter Therapy: Does No Playoff Run For Falcons Mean More Relaxed Fans?

How stressed are fans of the Super Bowls teams?

NFL playoffs. Not something Atlanta Falcons fans got to experience this season, which could mean they are more relaxed in the postseason than other fans. Not that it would change much from the regular season. 

Pickswise did a study analyzing more than a million tweets and determined that Falcons' fans ranked 17th among NFL teams when it came to letting out their frustrations via Twitter.

Would being in the playoffs have changed this fan bases stress level? Unfortunately we won't know from this season, but we can look to their NFC South rivals as an example. 

Pickswise did a study, following their regular season campaign, where they analyzed more than 100,000 tweets to determine which fans were most stressed during the playoffs.

During the regular season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans ranked 14th on the list of most stressed fans, which landed them in the top half. 

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How stressed were their fans come playoffs? Not very stressed compared to the rest of the playoff teams. Bucs fans finished 13th out of 14 teams in the postseason, with 3,030 "stressful" tweets. 

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Where did fans of Super Bowl LVI participants land?

Los Angeles Rams fans don't seem to have too much to stress about, and it makes sense. They are the first team in NFL history to play in a conference championship game and the Super Bowl in their own stadium. That home-field advantage clearly has their fans relaxed, because they landed sixth on the list of 14 teams, with 5,851 "angry" tweets.

Cincinnati Bengals fans on the other hand, aren't handling the success very well. Their 8,874 "stressful" tweets successfully earned them the top spot on the list.

We have a feeling both those numbers will increase this weekend, though, as both teams play for the title, and their followers a chance to call themselves fans of Super Bowl champs.