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Falcons 3 Reasons to Grant Cordarrelle Patterson his ‘Coach Pees Wish’

“Coach Pees, I wanna play FS Sunday for you!” Patterson wrote on Twitter this week.

If the Atlanta Falcons want to do everything within reason to re-sign coming free agent Cordarrelle Patterson - and logic says they do - maybe it would help to grant him one simple wish.

“Coach Pees, I wanna play FS Sunday for you!” Patterson wrote on Twitter this week.

Patterson has been one of the NFL’s best free-agency signings this season. He’s among the league’s most versatile players, with 607 rushing yards, 547 receiving yards and 434 kickoff return yards. 

He’s a running back.

He’s a wide receiver.

He’s a special-teams star.

And he likes it here.

"It really do feel like home," Patterson, 30, recently said. "I feel like they are really embracing the guy I can be on the football field … I really love Atlanta, man."

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I’m the spirit of love (and recruiting) … What about letting the Most Versatile Player accomplish one more thing?

Defensive coordinator Dean Pees is trying to beat the Saints on Sunday; he’s not running a circus here. But that fact actually feeds into our thinking here regarding how the concept makes some sense. To wit:

1- What if he’s actually good at it? What better circumstance than this to truly discover that?

2-This is in some ways more than ever the No Fun League (blame COVID). What’s wrong with a little entertainment?

2- And most of all: Patterson is about to be courted by suitors who will make extravagant promises to him, promises to fulfill his every desire. 

But there is only one team that can make this promise and fulfill this desire. In addition to money and years being talked about at the negotiating table, the Falcons can remind Patterson about the day their bond with him is so strong that coach Pees was willing to say “yes.”

And maybe, from the other side of that table, this gift will help the Falcons hear a “yes” from him at contract time.