WATCH: Dan Quinn says he hasn't lost team after Falcons' latest embarrassing loss

Dave Holcomb

ATLANTA -- Atlanta Falcons can criticize Dan Quinn, and really the entire coaching staff, for the 1-6 record to begin the 2019 season. They deserve it.

To Quinn's credit, though, after Atlanta's latest embarrassing defeat, a 37-10 drubbing against the Los Angeles Rams, who came into Sunday on a three-game losing streak, he didn't make excuses. Quinn held himself and his team accountable. 

However, he stopped short of admitting he's lost the team or the locker room.

"It's a fair question (whether he's lost the team) quite honestly because you spend most of your time trying to connect and get the team to play like we're capable of, so the answer I will say is no (I haven't lost the team).

"But the disbelief at times of not playing like we're capable of, that can be very frustrating. When you don't do that, you want to look and search and find answers. That's what I spend most of my time doing to see what tweaks, what things need to be changed."

Now with six losses in seven games and an injured Matt Ryan, the Falcons would need an historic second half of the season to be in the postseason race in December. That's not going to happen, and quite frankly, this team might not win five games.

But Quinn also didn't want to admit Sunday that 2019 is a lost season.

"I never think you're out of a fight," Quinn said during his post-game press conference on Sunday. "You shouldn't think that way as a team member, and I certainly don't think that way as the coach.

"When you don't play well, those are fair questions, but I don't feel like we're ever out of a fight."

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

No, this season is lost and he knows it. Time for him to get lost as well