Dirty Birds Podcast Episode 8 clip: Don't listen to Antonio Brown

Brady Pfister

Did you see what Antonio Brown said earlier this week?

If not, consider yourself lucky.

But in case you missed it, he took to Instagram Live and proclaimed he is the best receiver in football. Instead of stopping there, he called out Julio Jones, telling the Falcons' best player to "look at the stats."

The stats show Brown played only one game last season, while Jones had another excellent year in a career full of them. Brown has been out of the NFL since September but has stayed in the headlines with his social media antics.

If the 2019 specifics don't clear up the Brown vs. Jones debate, maybe this comment from Landon Collins will.

Collins, a safety for the Washington Redskins, called Jones the best offensive player he's faced at any level.

Brady and Chris agree. They chose Jones on this week's episode of the Dirty Birds Podcast, too. A portion of that debate is included in the video above. The full podcast was published Tuesday on The Falcon Report.

Aside from the big-name receivers, Brady and Chris discussed where Todd Gurley ranks among NFL running backs, what the Falcons should do with their first round pick and what all the talent on offense actually means for Atlanta in 2020.

The Falcons news slowed this past week after a busy couple days at the start of free agency. There was still plenty to talk about, though.

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