NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Atlanta Falcons stay close to bottom after fifth straight loss

Dave Holcomb

With the midway point of the 2019 NFL season approaching, the Falcons Maven power rankings are gaining some consistency. At least our list did from last week.

The Top 10 teams from our Week 7 power rankings went 7-3 on Sunday, and two of those losses were to other Top 10 squads. At the bottom, six of the bottom seven teams all lost, and the one that didn't beat another fellow bottom-seven squad.

Those results kept the Falcons at No. 29 on our Week 8 power rankings, but Atlanta fans shouldn't feel too confident that the team will remain there if it continues to lose. Washington, Cincinnati and Miami -- the three teams behind the Falcons on our list -- were all competitive this past Sunday and could have won. The same cannot be said about the Falcons, who are getting blown out in almost every loss and appear to be getting worse.

The Falcons have seemingly been regressing ever since Super Bowl LI. The Patriots ripped Atlanta's heart out in that comeback and continue to be the model franchise in the league. New England has been our top team in our rankings all season and remains No. 1 after its 33-0 victory against the Jets on Monday night.

Atlanta's Week 8 opponent, the Seattle Seahawks, fell from No. 3 to No. 7 after losing to the Ravens on Sunday. Don't count on the Falcons catching the Seahawks at a good time, though, because that was the overwhelming thought last week when Atlanta welcomed the Rams to town. Los Angeles had lost three straight before its 37-10 drubbing of the Falcons on Sunday.

After their victory in Atlanta, the Rams moved up from No. 17 to 15 on our power rankings heading into Week 8.

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