WATCH: Arthur Blank is restless amidst Falcon losses—Can you blame him?

Emily Barkann

Longtime NBC Sports writer Peter King ranked the Falcons number 17 out of 32 in his 2019 NFL offseason power-rankings. That number should be higher for a team with so much potential. In his description of the team he added the fact that Falcons owner Arthur Blank is “getting restless.”

“I keep hearing owner Arthur Blank is getting restless. In the Falcons’ last 35 games (the first one in that 35-game string is the Super Bowl loss to New England), they’re 18-17, and they’ve got a $30-million-a-year quarterback and a receiver, soon, likely to be a $20-million-a-year player. Yet a team in the Falcons’ division, New Orleans, scored 90 points more than Atlanta last year. Seems smart to reinforce an aging offensive line, which Atlanta GM Thomas Dimitroff did early in the draft with a new guard, Chris Lindstrom, and a tackle, Kaleb McGary, who could both start this year.” –Peter King

Blank also owns the Atlanta United MLS team. They have experienced plenty of success in recent years, winning the MLS Cup in 2018. For Blank, it must be difficult to have a team that is experiencing so much success without it truly being expected of them. People expect the Falcons to perform—like many football teams, the Falcons are the heart of Atlanta. Like King said, they have a $30-million-a-year quarterback in Matt Ryan and one of the best wide-receivers in the league. While last season was a bust, it is no secret that the Falcons have the ability to work cohesively. In the past five years they have made a Super Bowl and had two post-season appearances, a major improvement for the team since their difficult time under coach Mike Smith. The Falcons are on the verge of something great and the restlessness is what the organization needs to excel.

Blank replied to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen regarding King’s comment saying, “Off base…I am always restless to be better. Good is the enemy of great.” He has a point—as disappointing and as restless as he may be due to the Falcons poor season, he also is acknowledging that there is always room for improvement. Anyone involved in sports knows the second you rest and accept your current situation is the second that there is no longer improvement. Hopefully, Blank’s restlessness trickles down through the organization and motivates the Falcons to work even harder and grow their talent to the best of their ability for the season ahead.