WATCH: Atlanta Falcons pull off trade with evil nemesis

Dave Holcomb

There's any unwritten rule in sports that teams shouldn't trade with rivals or division foes. The idea of this old-school logic is you don't want to help your direct competition.

On Monday, the Atlanta Falcons pulled off a trade with the New England Patriots, and while the teams aren't directly competing with each other, it's an interesting move from the Falcons perspective.

Atlanta sent 2017 fifth-round draft pick and tight end Eric Saubert to New England for a conditional seventh-round choice. Falcon Maven wants to know how Falcons fans feel about this trade.

On one hand, Saubert might have been on his way to being cut anyway. With the trade, the Falcons at least get something in exchange for him. Saubert caught just five passes for 48 yards in two seasons with Atlanta. He often dropped the few targets he received and had problems learning proper blocking technique.

Atlanta was probably fortunate to get anything for him, and if the team had cut him, there's a chance he ends up on the Patriots anyway.

The Falcons are also pretty deep at tight end. Behind 2018 Pro Bowler Austin Hooper, the team has newly signed Luke Stocker and Logan Paulsen. 

However, helping a team that handed you the most embarrassing Super Bowl loss in history isn't exactly appealing from a PR perspective. Tight ends have been so effective there during the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era, it's quite possible he performs better there than he did in Atlanta.

Of course, maybe we're blowing this out of proportion, and Saubert will continue to struggle in New England too. How did you react to the Falcons-Patriots trade? Should Atlanta avoid trading with New England out of principle or is it acceptable if it helps the Falcons?