WATCH: Don't expect any last-minute contract extension for Grady Jarrett

Dave Holcomb

The Atlanta Falcons have until 4 pm ET to sign defensive tackle Grady Jarrett to a contract extension. That's leaves them less than four days, but since the contract discussions have lingered this long, Atlanta fans should probably count on an extension not coming.

While in the NFL, we've seen two sides in a contract negotiation come together in the 11th hour, that's not likely to happen in this case for several reasons.

For one, the Falcons don't have much salary cap space, which makes an extension for Jarrett difficult. If giving him an extension meant alleviating some salary cap space, then the Falcons would certainly do that, but they would have already by now. There isn't much reason to create cap space at this time since nearly all the worthwhile free agents have been signed.

Secondly, it wouldn't be a great look for the franchise if Jarrett gets his new extension before wide receiver Julio Jones. The All-Pro wideout has been waiting patiently for his new deal, and this week, several outlets reported Jones said Falcons owner Arthur Blank is "true to his word." Even if the team still intends to give Jones a new deal after signing Jarrett to an extension, the Falcons would be treading some dangerous water if Jarrett received his first over perhaps the best player in franchise history.

Both of those deals are not going to be worked out in the next 90 hours.

In all likelihood, that means Jarrett will play on the franchise tag during 2019. Despite all the talk during the spring that the team and defensive tackle were close to an extension, I can't say I'm that surprised.