WATCH: Falcons fans shouldn’t worry about Julio Jones' contract headed into camp

Julio Jones still does not have a signed deal, but that shouldn’t make fans worry going into training camp.

Trust—it takes a lifetime to build and a second to break. Julio Jones seems to have utmost trust in the Falcons organization, given that they have basically guaranteed him a position with the team as long as he is playing football. This is in spite of the fact that Jones is still in the process of negotiating a new contract—a process that has gone on for months.

The Falcons reported today that Jones said, “there’s no stress on my end. I’m not thinking about it,” when asked if he was concerned about the negotiations. Both Jones and Falcons owner Arthur Blank have been extremely clear regarding the ongoing negotiations.

Jones still has two years left in his current deal—but he clearly is trying as hard as he can to come to new terms with the team--this does not necessarily mean he will miss practice. Falcons begin training camp in two weeks and general manager Thomas Dimitroff says he does not foresee Jones missing practice time. This just solidifies the public’s perception of the supposed trust between the Falcons and Jones.

This type of relationship exists throughout the NFL, but it is quite rare. For this reason, it is clear why the Falcons are such an incredible organization. Taking care of the players that carry the team the furthest is most important. Without Jones this season could go way differently than expected, and not in a good way. The team needs Julio Jones, just as much as Julio Jones needs the Falcons, so it is good that everyone expects him to deliver in preparation for the season, even if this negotiation is not a “done deal.”