WATCH: Matt Ryan is the unsung hero of the Falcons, especially after last season

Football fans seem to think Matt Ryan is to blame for the Falcons failure, but this is not the case.

Let’s be honest—Matt Ryan is not getting the attention he deserves. The thirty-four-year-old starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons has led his team for the past decade, through playoff appearances and one trip to the Super Bowl. He has had fantastic statistics throughout his career and is an all-time leading passer and four-time Pro-Bowler. There’s nothing this guy can’t do, but they say, “A fish stinks from the head,” and that is what people believe.

Obviously, Matt Ryan is not at the top of the Falcons organization, but in terms of on-field work he is on the front lines. He is team captain, a seasoned veteran—if things go south people will naturally want to blame him. In this case, the Falcons’ poor record last year has nothing to do with him and quite honestly, one of their only glimmers of hope going into this season is their franchise quarterback.

Last season, Ryan had statistics that almost mirrored his 2016 MVP season statistics. In case anyone forgot, he had an incredible 2016 season leading the team to one of the biggest stages in sports with almost 5,000 passing yards. This season, there was more of the same with 4,924 passing yards and 35 touchdown passes. The only thing dragging Ryan down was his teammates. Although this was probably extremely frustrating for him, he never once threw his teammates under the bus and made sure to show the world that the Falcons are a team of one and they work together in the good times and the bad.