WATCH: Matt Ryan on Lindstrom and McGary

Emily Barkann

Matt Ryan has nothing but hopeful opinions on how Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary will do this season—they seem to already fit in perfectly with the Atlanta Falcons offensive line.

“Obviously there’s a learning curve for all rookies…but they’re talented, they’re hard workers. I’ve enjoyed being around during our offseason program. I expect them to play well for us.” Fans and different teams can have their opinions on who plays for who, but the most important seal of approval comes from a team’s franchise quarterback and team captain. Luckily for the Falcons, they have the “A-okay” from the exact person they need it from.

When asked about Kaleb McGary saying, “My quarterback and my tailback are like family to me Nobody hurts those guys,” Ryan let out a laugh. “I love it.” The city of Atlanta thought they were excited for the two new picks, but Ryan said, “No one was more fired up that we drafted those guys than I was.”

Ryan said that McGary takes things personally—clearly, he is a player that cares about how his team is doing and that is better than having someone who feels the opposite way. “Typically caring too much is not the problem—it’s usually a good thing to have,” Ryan said.

While the media and fans can come to whatever conclusions they see fit, we should really trust the person who is experiencing the preparation and witnessing the continuous work that goes on during the offseason. That person would be the franchise quarterback—and in the Falcons case—the franchise quarterback that has been with the team for his entire career.