WATCH: PFF ranks Falcons O-line number 22 even though they will be the best

Despite positive predictions, Pro Football Focus still ranked the Falcons offensive line number 22 in the League.

While Falcons fans are gearing up for the exciting season ahead with a stellar new offensive line, Pro Football Focus is letting them know that the outstanding 2019 season they are waiting on might not be as amazing as they think. The website ranked their offensive line number 22 for the entire NFL.

Some may say this is an improvement from last season considering how awful the team played, but for a team that is expecting so much and that has a ton of potential within their offensive line this might knock them down a notch mentally. With their two first-round picks, Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary, along with more experienced lineman, Jake Matthews and Alex Mack who both had great 2018 seasons, it doesn’t seem like there is anything this offensive line can’t do.

In addition, with the way it seems the offseason has gone so far and the high-energy and positivity headed into camp, the fact that they are ranked fairly low is puzzling. Obviously, it will take time for the athletes to work together as a unit, but that is what training camp is for. Once the season begins there is no doubt that this offensive line will dominate the NFC South and the NFL overall. Some (including myself) would argue that they will even go on to win the NFC South because of this offensive line.

This Falcons offensive line will be one of the best in the League, regardless of what Pro Football Focus thinks, but it seems like only the Falcons and their fans have faith in this offensive line and that is what is disconcerting.