WATCH: The Falcons absolutely will be a "snake in the grass" this season

Emily Barkann

While critics are saying the Falcons have plenty of work to do before they are back on the top of the NFL and fans are warily making predictions for the season ahead, not everyone is down on the Dirty Birds. NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt said, “The Atlanta Falcons are the snake in the grass in the entire NFL.” Many people might have their doubts, but Brandt is right.

Even though the team went 7-9 last season with countless injuries and an overall disappointing season, other teams are going to be unsuspecting of the Falcons come September. The amount of potential that the team has to work with between the new and improved offensive and defensive lines and one of the best quarterback/wide receiver combinations in the league, it is no question that the team will excel from last year, even if it is just a little.

Any improvement at this point would work wonders for a team that is struggling to keep up with the more powerful forces at hand. The important thing to strive for throughout the upcoming months is health and capitalizing on the team’s dynamic. The health aspect is less controllable, but the team dynamic is something that needs work during training camp when the rookies’ minds are still malleable. This is why team leaders like Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman need to be on their A-game. Setting an example with the rookies so early on will set the tone for the team down the line and is going to be the most important step in becoming a real “snake in the grass.”