WATCH: This season is the clean slate the Falcons have been waiting for

Emily Barkann

Fierce competition, strong mentality and above-average physicality are all important parts of the game of football. For the Atlanta Falcons, all of these things were out of whack last season. Most notably, the physicality of the defensive line was seriously lacking. The Falcons reported today that the style in which the team played last year did not live up to Dan Quinn’s expectations. Obviously, this explains the change of all three coordinators.

The Falcons needed a clean slate, but the fact that it took this long to get back on top of their game is pretty despicable. Heading into the beginning of last season, it was clear that performance was headed downhill with four losses in the first five weeks of the 2018 season. The entire 2018 Falcons mess could have been avoided if Dan Quinn stepped up to the plate earlier.

“The Falcons finished in the bottom half of the league in almost every defensive category in 2018: Points allowed (25th), yards allowed (28th), pass yards allowed (27th), rushing yards allowed (25th) and sacks (22nd),” the Falcons reported. That’s terrible. Teams that emphasize such a physical style and have so many great players with unbelievable skillsets should never fall that low on the scoreboards. Now that Quinn is back to his roots running the defensive line, the team should take a turn for the better.

Luckily, with the young defensive line the Falcons will have this season Quinn can teach them right from the start how to defend and overpower other teams’ offensive lines. Getting back into their groove will show the Falcons that they did not lose any of their talent or potential in the rut they’ve been in, they just need to rework their style in order to work well together again as a team.