WATCH: Why Chris Lindstrom will be Falcons’ biggest offensive X-factor in 2019

Chris Lindstrom is definitely going to show the Falcons why he was worth the pick.

Yesterday, I took a look at who will be the Falcons’ biggest “defensive X-factor” going into the 2019 season. Today, let’s switch to the other side of the line. The Falcons have spared no expense in trying to improve the offensive line for the coming season. Any Falcons fan knows that the talk of the town is incoming offensive guard, Chris Lindstrom.

Lindstrom went fourteenth overall. While the offseason continues to play out and the team moves closer to training camp, it seems like a definite that Lindstrom will start for the 2019 season. With his large stature and quick movements, there is no question that Lindstrom will be the Falcons’ biggest offensive X-factor this year.

Energy is the most important part to an offensive line, and nothing says “energy” like a fresh new rookie ready to take on the League. Two offensive players for the Falcons who were drafted directly to the team from college who brought a new wave of success to the team are Matt Ryan and Devonta Freeman. The two both started in their rookie seasons and helped the Falcons perform very well during the regular season in both 2008 and 2014, respectively.

Having a dynamic player like Lindstrom that will want to live up to the same standards that were set before him by previous successful rookies will unleash a new type of dynamic for the team. Athletes like Lindstrom, Ryan and Freeman are what keep the game interesting. Without any “X-factor” on the team, the NFL would not be what it is—therefore, Lindstrom will make this season his own. After all, first round picks usually are the stars of the show.