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It's time for another edition of our reader mailbag!
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Why does Daniel Jones get more pressure to produce in Year 3 while Evan Engram, with more service time and more failures, gets less criticism? It is well past time for Engram to earn the money. -- Henry J.

Thanks for the letter, Henry. Daniel Jones is a top-10 draft pick (No. 6 overall), whereas Evan Engram was chosen No, 23 overall. So yeah, the higher the pick, the higher the expectations.

That said, I do agree that it's high time Engram stops with teasing hints of his talent and start putting it together. I know he works his tail off, and I can't really explain why it hasn't come together for him, but regardless, I think this year will be his last with the Giants barring a breakthrough.

Greetings from Austria, Europe! What are your impressions about my Austrian Fellow RB Sandro Platzgummer? Does he have a chance to make the roster? – Ernot B.

Hello Ernot, and thank you for writing. Austria is a beautiful country—I never got to visit, but my parents did back in the day, and the photos they took probably didn’t do the country the justice it deserves.

Anyway, I regret to inform you that I don’t have any updates I can pass along on Platzgummer, but I’m happy to pass along observations on his play once they put the pads on in the summer.

That said, I believe the Giants get another roster exemption for Platzgummer to continue developing him, so I would guess that he will be around this year, though he won’t be eligible for the 53-man roster.

I take exception with your ranking of Eli Manning over Phil Simms. Outside of Mark Bavaro, Simms did not have a top receiver to throw to. Manning had 5 of your top 10, and while you can say that Eli made them as good as they were, I would say that it is just the opposite.

I think everyone gets crazy with numbers, but passing in Eli’s tenure was MUCH easier than during Simms' time. I have been a Giant fan since 1955 and am fortunate enough to have seen almost all of your top choices.

The game is so much different now than when I first got hooked. I like Eli, but Phil Simms’ Super Bowl is unmatched. That is my greatest Giant moment--even better than beating the patriots. – Ron L.

Ron, you're entitled to your opinion. Although I didn't author the article in question, I can tell you that if I had, I would have also put Eli Manning ahead of Phil Simms.

For one, Manning holds just about every single franchise passing record. And as I recall, both Manning and Simms struggled early in their respective careers due to personnel and, in Sims' case, injuries.

That said, while Simms had it tough at the start of his career, Manning had it tough toward the end of his. Post-Super Bowl XLVI, who did he have to throw to other than Odell Beckham Jr that wasn't coming off injuries as Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks were?

And how good were his offensive lines at the end of his career? And tell me, how many games did Eli miss due to injury?

I’m sorry, but I disagree with you that Simms should rank ahead of Manning—and this is coming from someone who saw both of their careers unfold from the beginning and who was saying way back in the day that it would be a long time before the Giants landed a quarterback that would be good enough to challenge Simms’ franchise records.

I agree with you that Simms had one of the greatest moments in Super Bowl history—that record still stands to this day. While I respect your opinions, you’re not going to convince me that knocking off an undefeated team in the Super Bowl with a come-from-behind-win belongs in second place behind an individual performance.

It seems to me it is apparent that Daniel Jones does not throw a receiver-friendly ball, as evidenced by all the drops from Duke tape as well as Giants leading league in drops. Can anything be done about this coaching-wise? – Bog

What’s up, Bog? By “receiver friendly ball,” are you talking about accuracy, as in putting the ball between the numbers? I can tell you that the quarterbacks do work on accuracy drills during practice where they try to put a ball between a hole in a net.

If you’re talking about hitting a receiver in stride, that’s just a matter of Jones adjusting his internal clock—I think sometimes he’ll speed up a pass or hold on to a ball longer than he should, and that messes up the timing. That could be due to pass blocking concerns or, to a degree, not trusting the receiver to get open.

I think (hope) that with having a chance to work out with his receivers this off-season and with more of a comfort level in the offense.

What are some key camp/preseason battles that most aren’t talking about?--@kvachh_

So glad you asked this, as I devoted a segment to this very same topic on one of my LockedOn Giants podcasts this week (which you can hear here).

To summarize (and to add to the list), I would say, slot cornerback, backup center, punter, bottom of the receiver depth chart, cornerback, and inside linebacker all come to mind.

I hope to have a little more insight into these battles next week after the mandatory minicamp when everyone shows up, and I can get a better feel for where things stand.


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