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New York Giants Mailbag: Where The Giants Go From Here

Let's check out this week's mailbag to see what's on the minds of Giants fans!

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From Henry J.:

If Giants are fortunate enough to land either/or Kyle Pitts / Pat Freiermuth, what can be gotten by trading Engram during the season?

Hi Henry. If the Giants were to land Pitts or Freiermuth, if I’m them, I look to trade Engram to clear out that $6 million he’s due this year, so I have space to sign the kids. What could they get for Engram?

Hard to say, to be honest, as once teams fill their needs with free agents and draft picks, the value likely goes down, but I would think maybe they can get a fourth-rounder at the minimum?

Remember, we’re talking about a guy who hasn’t hit his potential and who’s deal with a boatload of injuries, so I’m not optimistic they’d get a third or higher for him.

From Pat:

I discovered your site this week! Your points are fantastic. I do have a few questions/concerns. How the heck did they let Dalvin Tomlinson get away? Have concerns about the O-line. Gates is playing out of position. S/B RT.  WR Michael Pittman was available last year in 2nd rd. I just hope Judge is on board with "building the team this way."

Welcome aboard, my namesake! Happy to have you as a reader and glad to welcome you to the mailbag. Regarding Dalvin Tomlinson, the only logical reason I can come up with is they have their eye on a draft prospect who will come in a lot cheaper than Tomlinson. I wouldn’t necessarily say the Giants' defense got worse after losing Tomlinson; I have faith in defensive coordinator Patrick Graham to make this work.

I also have some concerns about the offensive line, particularly the right side and some of the depth, and I think it speaks volumes that they are devoting extra coaching resources to that unit. Lastly, I like what Judge has done. When it comes to building this team, he’s been far from a shrinking violet, and I like how he’s come in and hasn’t been afraid to speak up.

You also asked in a separate email about Barmore from Alabama in the first round and Wyatt Davis Ohio State in the second round. I don’t see them going defensive tackle in the first round. As for right guard, who’s to say that one of Shane Lemieux or Will Hernandez (the early odds on favorite) won’t be a better fit on that side?

The hope is that the offensive line will be a little more cohesive after playing together for a year. Well, that and the fact that Judge finally has the right coaches in place to get them to the next level. So again, we’ll see what they look like and if experience does prove to be the best teacher.

From Zach:

I find it fascinating how Joe Judge keeps hiring more assistant coaches and personnel. I believe he is moving into a greater CEO role and even becoming a shadow co-GM in a positive, cooperative way. How do the Giants compare to other teams in the league and prior Giant regimes regarding the number and variety of coaches on staff?

What’s up, Zach? I haven’t studied what other teams in the league do (covering the Giant keeps me busy enough). But I will say this much: It’s about damn time the Giants got a CEO-style head coach. 

I was not a fan of Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmur decisions to be their own play-callers for numerous reasons, starting with the fact that if the offense were to sputter, they’re now knee-deep in trying to fix it and aren’t as locked into what’s happening in the other two phases of the game.

Tom Coughlin, as you know, was a CEO-style head coach, and we all know how well that worked out for the team. I’m pretty sure Belichick and Saban are CEO-style head coaches, and they’ve been pretty successful. 

So there’s something to be said for that style of coaching versus the hotshot who thinks he can be a coordinator and a head coach simultaneously (and yes, I’m aware Andy Reid has done it, but Reid is an exception).

From LD:

It looks like Giants' first three picks for the draft will be WR, OL, and pass rusher. In what order do you think the Giants go?

What’s up, LD? Who said that would be the first three pick options for the Giants? Maybe they’ll go tight end in the second round and defensive tackle in the third. If I’m honest, it's hard to sit here and predict this without running through a simulator to see who’s on the board and who makes the most sense. 

I’ll leave you with this—and I preach this every year. Our perception of the Giants' needs isn’t necessarily how they see things.

From Andrew G.:

Is there any word on what the rules regarding IR and practice squad are going to be? I liked how it worked out this year with unlimited players being able to return from IR after three weeks and how the practice squad was able to have veteran players. Thank you for your time.

Hi Andrew. I am assuming that the rules from last year will carry over to this year as well, but my understanding is that the league and players union will be going back to the bargaining table to work all that out. But I’m definitely with you—I hope they implement the rules that were in place permanently.

From Tom S.:

There were a couple of reports early last season that because of his suspension if Tate were to be cut, there would be no dead cap. the 2 salary sites both show a $4.7 mil hit. can you investigate this? it would be nice if the team has some more cap space than is assumed.

Hello Tom. No, that’s not correct. Because Tate was suspended, that voided any guaranteed money initially included in the contract’s base salaries. The prorated signing bonus still hit the cap. Now had the Giants south to recoup the signing bonus that is another story, but to my knowledge they didn’t and thus they have dead money from Tate’s contract hitting the cap.

P.S. I wouldn’t worry bout the Giants not having enough cap space. I wrote about that in this article, and there are still some things that they can do to clear more money as needed. And thank you for the kind words; so glad you enjoy the site and I hope you’ll be a regular in the mailbag and a part of the new community when the message boards ultimately are launched.


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Well, thank you for the kind words. I would like to think the Giants ceiling if they stay healthy, and if Daniel Jones takes that next big step, is a playoff berth. I don’t believe they are a Super Bowl team yet, but I do think the arrow is pointing in the right direction.

Yo Yooo (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) No, I think it’s draft or bust for another pass rusher and that the guy could come in either the first or second round.

Absolutely. The back end of the defense works hand in hand with the front end. If they’re covering receivers and holding that coverage to leave the quarterback with nowhere to go with the ball, that will allow the defensive front to put stress on the offensive line, who can only hold a block for so long.

Absolutely. The back end of the defense works hand in hand with the front end. If they’re covering receivers and holding that coverage to leave the quarterback with nowhere to go with the ball, that will allow the defensive front to put stress on the offensive line, who can only hold a block for so long.

Hi Tony. I want to see how the draft pans out and what happens in training camp—all it takes is for one significant injury to derail everything. (Disclaimer: I may try to do a game-by-game schedule prediction when the schedule comes out, but please don’t hold that against me if I do.)

At least three of you asked me about how the Giants were able to stretch the cap as they did. Again, I’ll refer you to this article in which I explain it.

I’m kicking around the idea of doing a live video Q&A before the draft. Can I get you guys and gals to respond to this poll to tell me if that’s something you’d be interested in? (You can follow the results right here.)

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic questions! Let's do this again next week!

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