A Look at the Various Measurables the Giants Could Be Seeking in Different Positions

Gene Clemons

At the end of the 2019 season, Giants team president John Mara and general manager Dave Gettleman spoke of how they have revamped their scouting processes when it comes to player personnel.

How much of that revamping involves putting more or less of an emphasis on measurables--size, weight, speed and other measurables that come out of the combine--isn't quite known.

What we can try to do ahead of the start of the Combine is to look at what offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and defensive coordinator Patrick Graham might be planning to run scheme-wise and then guess as to what kinds of measurables might be most desired int he athletes they ultimately do add to the roster.

There is a good chance the Giants could go all offense in the first three rounds and if they did, this would be what they were looking to evaluate at the combine. 

So let's look at a few key positions that will probably see an infusion of new talent and then try to figure out what kinds of measurables might catch the Giants brass' collective eye.

Left Tackle

The Giants will definitely be looking to upgrade the left tackle position. Size and athleticism will be a premium as Garrett has become accustomed to left tackles that not only excel at pass protection but are legitimate weapons in the screen game and zone blocking schemes. 

Pay attention to height, arm length, 40-yard dash, shuttle run, and three-cone drill times of potential tackle prospects, with the following measurements and times likely to catch their attention:

Height: 6-foot 5 | Weight 300+ lbs
Arm Length: 36+ inches 
40-yard dash: <5.0 seconds
10-yard dash: 1.7 seconds
Short shuttle: 4.7
3-cone: 7.5


Regardless if Jon Halapio completes his rehab from an ACL injury, the Giants were likely going to upgrade at this position anyway. 

Athleticism and versatility will be key factors in who the Giants will add. Garrett will definitely want someone who has experience playing other positions along the line. 

Similar to the left tackle position, A+ athleticism will definitely move center prospects up the board, as will likely the following measurables:

Height: 6-foot 3 to 6-foot 4 Weight 300+ lbs
40-yard dash: <5.0 seconds
10-yard dash: 1.7 seconds
Short Shuttle: 4.6 seconds
3-cone: 7.5

Wide Receiver

With a historically deep draft class at receiver available this year, there is no doubt that the Giants will look to add some new faces, particularly at the bottom of the depth chart, who can be more than just special teams players.

But don’t expect speed to be the number one factor for the Giants with the offense in the hands of Garrett. 

Most likely size will play a big factor. No. 1  receivers under Garrett have not always clocked in between 4.3 and 4.4 seconds in the 40, but have instead been guys who clocked in between 4.5 and 4.6 seconds and who have explosiveness and a large catch radius. 

Hand size, arm length, height, and their numbers on the vertical and broad jumps will factor heavily, as will likely the following:

Height: 6-foot 2+ | Weight 210 pounds
Arms: 34"+
Hand Size: 9.5"+ 
40-yard dash: 4.5-4.6 seconds
10-yard dash: <1.6 seconds 
Vertical Jump: 35"+Broad Jump: 10-foot+

Tight End

Garrett's offense has been defined in the past by multiple tight end sets. While the Giants would appear to be set at the moment at that position with Evan Engram and Rhett Ellison, it remains to be seen as of this writing if Ellison ends up a cap casualty just as it remains to be seen how far along Engram is in his progress from the foot surgery he had in December. 

If the Giants do look to add a tight end late in the draft, they will most likely be evaluating tight ends who are true inline talents. Fans should pay attention to tight ends that come from pro-style offenses and are adept at blocking as well as pass receiving. 

Bench press numbers will say a lot about strength but also look for the explosion drills (vertical jump and broad jump) to be big factors. The Giants will also probably look at tight ends who are taller (6-foot 5+) as a taller tight end would complement Engram who is shorter by NFL tight end standards.

Here are some other measurements to keep in mind.

Height: 6-foot 5+ Weight: 250-260 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.6-4.7 seconds
Vertical Jump: 30"+
Broad Jump: 9-foot or longer
Bench Press: 20+ reps

Edge Rushers

Defensively, everyone's attention will be on pass rushers, which is a major need on the team. The Giants could look to re-sign free-agent-to-be Markus Golden and they are no doubt hoping that one or both of Lorenzon Carter and Oshane Ximines flourish in Graham's scheme.

But should the Giants be looking for more pass rushers--and a team can never have enough of those--they'll likely be looking to find dynamic 9-tech defensive ends or outside linebackers who excel at coming off the edge. 

Long and athletic will move guys up their board as long as the production matches the potential. As always eyes will be glued to the 40-yard dash but change of direction drills and the explosive drills will hold more weight in the evaluation, as will probably some of these numbers:

Height: 6-foot 4 Weight: 240 pounds
Arm Length: 34+ inches
40-yard dash: <4.6 seconds
10-yard dash: <1.6 seconds 
Short Shuttle: 4.4 seconds 
Sub 7.0  3-cone: <7.0 seconds
Vertical Jump: 32+-inches
Broad Jump: 10+-feet
Bench Press: 20+ reps

Inside Linebacker 

if the Giants want to improve their run defense, they'll have to add more speed, better instincts and high motor guys at the off-ball linebacker position. 

Second-year man Ryan Connelly figures to be one piece of the puzzle, but for clues on what Graham might be looking for, if he is employing a similar philosophy to New England and Green Bay, two teams he has coached linebackers for previously, he will probably be looking bigger interior linebackers who can run. 

Size and strength will definitely matter since they will have to take on blockers. As for speed, while 40-yard dash speed isn't as important, the off-ball linebacker candidates' 10-yard split will be.

Height: 6-foot 2" to 6-foot 4" Weight: 240-260 pounds
10-yard Split: 1.6 seconds
Short Shuttle: 4.65 seconds  
Vertical Jump: 30 inches 
Broad Jump: 9-foot 5 inches 
Bench Press: 25+ reps 

Defensive Backs

We don't want to ignore the defensive backs spot, but we believe given all the youth Gettleman has already added, especially at cornerback, we believe that he'll likely look to add a young veteran via free agency to this still-developing group. 

It will be interesting to see if the players the Giants do end up drafting fit these measurable profiles. 

Of course, the measurables are only part of the equation--the production on tape needs to be there and that will be something we'll look at once the draft picks are revealed in April. 

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