Day 2 of the 2020 NFL Draft was filled with talented players, and many teams took advantage.

As usual, some moves left people scratching their heads and others that made people stand up and cheer.

The value in the second and third rounds was evident, and those that took advantage made their teams immediately better.

Let's run down the notable events.

Chicago Bears draft TE Cole Kmet at No. 43 and CB Jaylon Johnson at No. 50

The Bears needed to get protection and weapons for their struggling quarterback. They didn't address either one in the second round.

Cole Kmet is an inline tight end who is still developing as a receiving target and blocker. He's not going to be a weapon early, and there are better receiving threats at tight end that they could have taken later in the draft.

Jaylon Johnson is a defensive back who has a lot of talent and could be good in this Bears defense who needs another corner, but he has injury concerns.

A receiver like Denzel Mims would have been a great selection to help this offense and its quarterback. There are also great interior linemen available and even tackles that could have developed into starters.

Pittsburgh Steeler draft WR Chase Claypool at No. 49

Claypool is big, athletic, and a red zone monster with his crazy catch radius, but he is incredibly stiff and raw. His combine speed doesn't show consistently on film.

It will be interesting to see which routes he will be asked to run in that Pittsburgh offense. Although Claypool is a big body receiver, Denzel Mims would have been a more polished and explosive version.

Philadelphia Eagles take QB Jalen Hurts at No. 53

The Eagles need help in their secondary, and they could have used another starting linebacker and offensive line help.

Instead, they took a quarterback that many will believe is going to operate as a gadget player, but he is not Taysom Hill, he's a legit quarterback with athleticism.

But he is not going to make the Eagles better from the bench, and so this is a pick that doesn't make much sense unless they feel like Hurts is going to be their starter at some point.

Baltimore Ravens take RB J.K. Dobbins at No. 55 and DL Justin Madubuike at No. 71

The Ravens needed offensive line help to replace recently retired guard Marshall Yanda.

They were set up to take any of the interior offensive linemen that were left in the draft, many of which had first- to second-round grades. They also had an opportunity to add a legit X-receiver in Denzel Mims, but they passed on him too.

Dobbins is a good running back who will be successful when given snaps, but there are not many snaps for a back in Baltimore right now. It doesn't seem like a good usage of a second-round pick.

Madubuike seems to be a rotational guy on the defensive line, and there were still plug and play interior linemen like Loyd Cushenberry available at pick 71.

New York Jets take WR Denzel Mims at No. 59

Mims was a receiver who was trending towards a first-round pick, but it didn't happen. When there was a run on receivers early in the second round, many believed he would slot in along with Tee Higgins and others.

Instead, he fell to the end of the second round, and the Jets get a guy who is a legit X receiver to pair with Breshan Perriman.

Mims is big and fast with an ability to box out corners and jump over safeties. Maybe some drop issues allowed him to fall in the draft, but the Jets will be able to work those out. He should be an immediate impact.

Green Bay takes RB AJ Dillon at No. 63

Maybe the Packers feel like they don't need to address any concerns since they are coming off of a 13-3 season.

So they didn't take a guy who could be an impact in the first round, they took Love, who will be a backup barring injury. They also created another head-scratcher when they grabbed Dillon in the second round.

They already have the NFL touchdown leader in Aaron Jones and a competent backup in Jamaal Williams. So why not select a player who could be more of an every-down impact? They could have drafted another receiver for Rodgers or a defensive back to play in the slot.

There is still a lot of talent available for day three, and there will always be teams who make questionable decisions. Hopefully, the Giants continue to not be among those teams.