ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. Mocks This Playmaker to Giants in 2021 NFL Draft

In his first NFL mock draft of 2021, ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr has some much needed offensive firepower going to the New York Giants at No. 11.
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If the New York Giants are ever entirely to learn what they have in quarterback Daniel Jones, they need to surround him with an infusion of playmakers.

So in his first NFL mock draft of 2021, ESPN draft analyst Mel Kuiper Jr has a potential playmaker going to the Giants at No. 11, Florida tight end Kyle Pitts.

Notes Kiper of his selection for the Giants:

At 6-foot-6, Pitts has the size/speed traits to line up out wide, in the slot, or next to an offensive tackle. And he showed off his ability after the catch by averaging 17.9 yards per reception with 12 touchdowns. Pitts is not a traditional tight end, but he's a skilled offensive threat. And with Evan Engram on the roster, too, the Giants would have two of the most athletic -- and versatile -- tight ends in football.

Last year the Giants used 12-personnel (one running back, two tight ends) on 27% of their offensive snaps and 13-personnel on 10% of their snaps.

While those two figures don't match the 55% rate in which the Giants used 11-personnel, the point is that the tight end was a very big position for the Giants and one that, quite honestly, of which they didn't get enough production.


The addition of Pitts, who has wide receiver-like traits, could potentially give the Giants a playmaker that can be used in multiple ways.

While Kiper mentions the possibility of pairing Pitts with Evan Engram, it's worth noting that Engram is entering the option year of his rookie deal with no guarantees of him being on this team beyond this season.

It's worth noting that one thing the Giants have not done a good job of until recently is ensuring they have quality talent developing in the pipeline behind some of their starters.

What ends up happening is a player moves on, and whoever is behind him doesn't come close to picking up the baton--see edge rusher (Jason Pierre-Paul) as an example.

The Giants have gotten a little better with ensuring they have some more homegrown talent being developed. In Pitts, they'd not only have a capable Day 1 starter, but they likely wouldn't lose much in terms of production if they moved on from Engram at any point.

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