Giants to Draft No. 4 Overall: A Look at the Top of the 2020 Draft Order

The Giants will pick fourth in April's draft. Here's how the order in the first five spots of the draft shaped up in the final week of the 2019 season.
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Pick No. 1: Cincinnati - Despite beating the Browns by a convincing 33-23 score, the Bengals (2-14) are locked into draft first overall and it's a virtual lock they will take LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, a native of Ohio, to revive the franchise.

Pick No. 2: Washington - With the Bengals likely to take Burrow, Washington, who lost to the Cowboys to finish 3-13, are in perfect position to grab Ohio State edge rusher Chase Young if, as expected, he declares for the draft.  

Pick No. 3: Detroit - The Lions fell to the Packers in their Week 17 meeting. Since Washington lost, Detroit falls to No. 3.   

Pick No. 4: The Giants locked in the fourth overall pick by losing to the Eagles and by Dallas beating Washington.

Pick No. 5: Miami's upset of New England locks the Dolphins in at fifth overall.  

Early Forecast

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman has never traded down in the first round. If he's retained by ownership--and based on earlier reports by FOX Sports and the NFL Network, that appears to be part of what the Giants ownership is planning to do--this year would be a really good time for Gettleman to break that practice and move down.

Assuming Chase Young is off the board (that is if he declares) at No. 2, Miami will no doubt be interested in securing a quarterback. 

The Giants, meanwhile, could luck out by getting a blue-chip offensive tackle in this draft so if they swap places with Miami, perhaps they can come out with a third-round pick that's one spot lower than where they would have picked in 2020 had they not traded that pick to the Jets for Leonard Williams.