Matt Miller Reveals Interesting One-round Mock for New York Giants

Welcome to another installment of "Mock Draft Monday." In this edition, long-time NFL draft analyst Matt Miller presents a mock draft scenario that could actually unfold in the first round.
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Two years ago, the Giants were faced with choosing between quarterback Daniel Jones and edge rusher Josh Allen of Kentucky.

On the one hand, general manager Dave Gettleman reportedly really wanted to draft an edge rusher.

On the other, he knew that Eli Manning's days were coming to an end, and if the Giants didn't get a quarterback to start grooming, that could end up hurting the franchise in the long run.

So Gettleman, who again was reportedly torn over which way to go, decided to draft Jones at No. 6 overall, one that he and the organization haven't looked back on. 

And with head coach Joe Judge having declared Jones as the starter for 2021, the Giants can focus on building out other positions such as pass rusher, a spot where the team hasn't had a homegrown stud player since they traded away Jason Pierre-Paul after the 2017 season.

This year, the Giants could have a chance at fixing that if long-time NFL draft scout Matt Miller's mock draft scenario plays out at the top of the first round.

Miller's first mock draft of the year has the top three receivers, and tight end--LSU receiver Ja'Marr Chase, Alabama receivers Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith, and Florida tight end Kyle Pitts, gone before the Giants go on the clock.

His solution? Rather than reach for a playmaker at No. 11, look to the defensive side of the ball and pluck Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons as the pick.

Parsons, who opted out this past season, is a nightmare for offenses at 6’3” and reportedly up to 245 pounds. He can stop the run, he’s explosive in coverage with legit 4.4 speed, and he’s shown a penchant for rushing off the edge. Again, three tools. He has them.

Such a move, Miller reasoned, would not be out of character for Gettleman, who as general manager in Carolina had a defense rich in linebackers--Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechly, and Shaq Thompson.

While passing on an offensive playmaker might be a tough pill to swallow for Gettleman, the receiver class is deep. There should be plenty of options on Day 2, which, as Miller notes, "Leaving the first two rounds with the best defender in the class (Parsons) and the No. 5 wide receiver is quite a haul."

However, some have questioned whether the Giants might leave Parsons off their board due to some alleged character issues from his college days. According to Penn Live, Parsons was cleared of any sexual assault allegations involving a former teammate.

As laid out, Miller's entire scenario is one that very well could play out, depending on how the quarterback carousel goes in free agency. it's also a scenario I wouldn't be upset to see play out.

The Giants have lacked a consistent pass rush threat among their outside linebackers, and Parsons can certainly bring that to the table along with the ability to stop the run.

And with the Giants being at No. 11, they're actually in a rather precarious spot to where if the board falls as Miller has projected, the only other option that might be in play for the Giants is trading down, something Gettleman has never done in the first round of a draft.

Yes, the Giants offense needs firepower, but I would be stunned if Gettleman doesn't add a receiver in free agency. And I can't help but wonder if he does add a receiver in free agency, does that maybe take some of the pressure off to reach for one in the first round of the draft.

I think it does remove some of the pressure, but only Gettleman knows what he intends to do. One thing is for sure: the Giants must come away with a solid receiver in this year's draft if they're to ever truly know what the ceiling is for quarterback Daniel Jones. 

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